RV Interiors: 10 Colorful Ways to Brighten Up Your RV Kitchen

Anyone who steps inside an RV, whether it’s a motorhome, fifth wheel or camper, it’s not hard to notice the drab browns and tan interior. But you don’t have to go whole hog to bring in a little color and fun. A simple way to brighten up an RV kitchen is simply to find colorful kitchen gadgets, small appliances and useful cooking tools. Many people would love to see the vlog on redecorating the kitchen. For guaranteed higher engagement buy youtube subscribers.

Colorful RV Kitchen Decor


Perhaps you just don’t want to paint the walls or cabinets in your RV. We didn’t want to alter the beautiful wood finishes in our fifth wheel either. Beautiful wood tones are timeless and coordinate with any paint scheme or decor themes. But there’s nothing saying you can’t play it up with a little reds, oranges or deep blues.


We bought our Heartland Landmark fifth wheel brand new. It was actually quite beautiful inside with quality Amish-built cabinetry and marble solid surface countertops. The good thing is it provided a clean palette for me to come up with my own decor theme incorporating my favorite colors.


We know it’s not for everyone. Like I mentioned earlier, the current trend is white. But don’t think you’ve got to go out and buy a whole mess of primer, paint, rollers, or sanding blocks to brighten your RV kitchen. There are other ways to spice up your galley.  So, here’s some colorful ways to bring a little brightness to your RV Kitchen.

10 Colorful Ways to Brighten Up Your RV Kitchen

Olive Oil Bottle


Bottles, Canisters and Storage Containers

There are a million different colorful canisters, containers and bottles than are not only functional but also fashionable. If you have countertop space for a set of canisters to hold your flour, sugar, coffee and tea bags, you could get an airtight colorful stainless steel canister set.


Or, you could get a set of transparent canisters with colorful lids to store your fun-shaped pastas and colorful rices. I love the fact that they are unbreakable and lighter in weight than ceramic storage canisters.


If you don’t want to take up a whole drawer to keep all of your cooking utensils, you can store them in an acrylic utensil holder to keep in the corner of your cooking area. They come in over a dozen different bright colors.


And if you’ve not noticed, olive oil bottles seem to be the rage now. I love our lime green EVOO dispensing bottle. It’s exactly what I want; not only to keep my olive oil used for sautéing and cooking but also, it adds a cute splash of color and style. In our sticks and bricks home, I had an orange one but the green one in my RV kitchen seems to offer it’s own little personality. For our RV kitchen, we chose the amazing lime green which is a nice burst of color in front of our orange backsplash (see photo above).

Countertop Appliances

Countertop appliances aren’t just for doing the jobs they are intended. From kitchen mixers, coffee makers, slow cookers, air fryers to even pressure cookers are now coming in bright colors so they can be left out on the counter instead of being tucked away in the pantry. They’ve manufactured them with color and modern designs.


Hence, this is our bright red Air Fryer (also in the above photo of our RV kitchen) that sits in the corner of our fifth wheel galley kitchen. No more getting it out of storage. It’s right there ready to use!


Check out The Pioneer Woman’s beautifully designed Instant Pot decorated in a bright colored floral motif; with beautiful aqua or bright red accents.


If you have room in your motorhome or camper for a toaster, we found a great two-slice modern retro design cool touch toaster that comes in eight different colors! Though these aren’t in bold bright colors, our favorite is peach orange because it’s just perfect for lighter and more subdued colored kitchens.


And if red is your color preference for an accent color in your RV kitchen, take a look at this bright red nostalgic design 12-cup coffee maker! If you’re looking for a smaller single cup coffee maker, you’ll fall in love with this personal coffee maker that comes in six different bold colors!


Faux Succulents


Faux Plants

Plants, even faux ones, add life to any space. A simple small plastic or silk plant that sits on the counter is a nice accent. In our fifth wheel, we had tabletop faux tall grasses in small galvanized bucket planters to give a beachy accent to the corner of our workspace table.


But now, since we don’t have countertop or table space in our small Class C motorhome to display cute plants, I found a set of small white ceramic wall-mount planters that I glued a small block of crafting styrofoam inside and then stuck a couple sprigs of colorful faux succulents to complete our Southwest cactus theme. They are super easy to clean as the leaves are broad; only requiring a quick wipe with a damp rag.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Everyone needs S&P shakers so why not find a pair that are functional yet attractive and fun?! They come in every shape, theme or size. We found a Flamingo Salt and Pepper shaker set that coordinated with our tropical Key West design and decor theme.


But, say you’re searching for a more contemporary, non-themed look, a simple colorful salt and pepper set is perfect because they come in a huge variety of colors! Oh, and they’re small enough to store in a drawer during transit.


Herb and Spice Containers



If you love cooking or outdoor grilling, you need at least a few containers to store your favorite rubs, seasonings, herbs and spices. Colorful magnetic spice  tins won’t take up valuable cabinet space because they can be displayed on metal magnetic surfaces such as your refrigerator.


But, since moving into our tiny motorhome, we had to completely reconfigure our kitchen essentials and cooking tools; including my spice containers. I used to have cool magnetic tins that I displayed on our refrigerator. However, our current refrigerator front isn’t metal so those became useless. And since we live even smaller, I had to pare down my herbs, spices and rubs down significantly. In doing so, I found a cool modular set of spice containers with different colored shaker tops! They are perfect as they hold smaller quantities. And they stay right in the movable rack that I just put up into the cabinet on driving days.


RV Cooking Tip: I put a few grains of rice in each spice container to keep my seasonings, spices and rubs from caking.


Tea Kettles

Believe it or not, a simple tea kettle in your favorite color can add so much character in your RV kitchen. For our fifth wheel, I found a similar aqua blue tea kettle that coordinated beautifully with my RV kitchen Margaritaville decor theme. It’s the perfect splash of blue that pops against our mango-colored backsplash. 


Now in our motorhome that has a much smaller kitchen, I needed a downsize to a smaller tea kettle that wasn’t so overwhelming in size. So, I bought a bright red kettle that is the perfect size and holds enough hot water to fill my French coffee press.


Speaking of coffee, check out our How to Make the BEST French Press Coffee

Colorful Silicone Kitchen Utensils for RVs

Cooking Utensils

Whoever thought cooking utensils and kitchen gadgets can be fun?! I found ones similar to these and love them because not only are they kind to our cookware, they are all bright colors! This colorful silicone cooking utensil set comes in this color assortment! Even when they are out when I’m cooking or preparing our meals, they just make me smile! 



 I admit, I have a dish towel hoarding problem. I will never run out of dish towels! I can’t resist them; especially cute ones in bright tropical colors and themes. I look for the loop to hang on a hook or cabinet knob. I just love these absorbent colorful waffle weave dishtowels that come in an 8-pack. We got red and we still use them after four years!


Colorful Stripe Dish Towels



Like dish towels, another simple way of adding a splash of color to your RV kitchen is to add place mats. It’s an easy and inexpensive decorating option. I mix it up throughout our coach using solid colors, stripes or patterns to create balance with all the other colors going on in our RV. Try using different shapes to add interest to your table and countertop surfaces. These colorful lightweight braided woven round placemats are so cute and what’s even better is we can also take them out to the picnic table. so we don’t have to worry about how many we have (within reason).



Colorful silicone trivets aren’t just to protect your counter surfaces from hot pots or dishes. They are super fun simply for their bright colors. Put them under your hot dishes to set on the table or keep plates or objects from sliding. They are also cute and colorful to even hang in plain site to throw a little brightness to your backsplash or walls. We use ours on driving days to put under our tea kettle from sliding around in the sink and under our smoothie maker on our RV kitchen counter.


So, wasn’t that fun? Who knew you could put so many splashes of color into such a small space? You can take your RV kitchen theme and decor to a whole new level of fun with simple multi-functional accessories? Seriously, who really needs to spend a ton on painting or major renovation just to spice up your RV kitchen?!

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