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Sandhan valley is located over Bhandardara near Igatpuri in Maharashtra and is one of the enriching mountains in Sahyadri. It is the most challenging trek from all and also dangerous too as you get to climb over the rocks and unravel the charming beauty of nature. It is also known to be called the valley of shadows where you get an adventurous experience which you can find nowhere. 

 It is set at a height which is 200 feet deep and is long. It is covered between AMK forts that are named as Aland, Madan and Kulang and you just don’t trek but also get an opportunity to climb over large mountains, enjoy the bonfire and what more you can also camp to explore the marvellous beauty of Sandhan valley.


Things to look out for around Sandhan valley:

  1. You get to see the ancient forts of Alang, Madan and Kulang. 
  2. Next you get to see Ratangad fort which has a moderate steep ascent and is exhilarating to look for. 
  3. Nanhe Ghat Waterfalls in Ratanwadi is the most enchanting waterfall to look out for. 
  4. Visit Bhandardara’s numerous and picturesque waterfalls, such as Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai hill, Randha drops and also visit Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake, and walk around Ratanwadi’s charming village.
  5. Visit Igatpuri, a few hours away, and explore the Myanmar Gate, Tringalwadi, Thal Ghat, and Ashoka Waterfall.


Best time to go for Trek:

It is nice to trek to the Sandhan Valley at any time of the year, except summer. It gets hot and humid and by experiencing the sun, all the energy is sapped, making the trek less enjoyable. Winter, autumn, and even the Sandhan Valley monsoon treks are particularly memorable and enjoyable.


Trekking path:

Start your trek at Samrad and you’ll be walking through shallow bodies of water 2 to 4 feet high within the first few hours. You will come across Tarzan Swing Point on the journey, rappel and use a rope ladder, after which there will be some cave crawling. 

Then you’ll go down a hill and hike through rock patches. Deep water pools will be accessible to wade in, followed by big rocks, and then you will enter the camping spot. Bann pinnacle and Ajoba Hill will provide your thoughts. 



Travel- A self-drive car will cost you from Rs 5000 to Rs 8000 from Mumbai to Bhandardara (return trip). Train tickets run anywhere from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200 (return fare). 

Rs 50 per person is paid by shared jeeps. From Mumbai, bus tickets to Bhandardara will cost anywhere between Rs. 600 to Rs. 800. 

Accommodation- Camp in your own tent in the gorge campsite overnight. It can cost from Rs. 500 to Rs. 800 per night to stay at home in Samrad village. Budget stays for Bhandardara start from Rs. 1000 onwards. 


Place to stay:

You can camp for the best camping experience ever at the Gorge overnight. There are no nearby hotels or lodges, but homestays are available around Samrad through locals. These are slightly comfortable. If you don’t want to camp there overnight, head to Bhandardara for a more convenient hotel stay. Try the MTDC resort, which is very popular. After a day of roughing out you can also check out a few plush hotel and resort options (like Anandvan resort) in Bhandardara to delight in luxury.



Since it is a shadowed ravine hike, with no housing around, there will be no food en route. But there are plenty of home-cooked meals, including bhakhri, poha, upma, bhaji, dal and rice, offered by Samrad village locals who cook healthy and hot Marathi cuisine. Before you start the trek, have a full breakfast, bring food with you for the night and after the descent, have a good lunch in Dehne or Samrad. If you go on a group trek, trek operators will provide food.


Safety tips:

Without a guide or a trekking operator, first-time trekkers should not attempt this trek. 

The trek tests your toughness to a large degree. If you have a medical condition, or if your heart or blood pressure is high, stop it. 

Bring energy bars, repellents for mosquitoes and a windbreaker. 

Pack light and hold your backpack comfortably. 

Bring a power bank and if possible, a DSLR camera. 

Bring enough water from the village of Sandhan. There might not be clean water from the trail streams to drink. 

Do not miss the chance at the earliest to experience this trek. It has great reviews from trekkers, lovers of adventure and frequent travellers as well. So you should not be the one to miss out this trek. 

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