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Safeguard your SAP system from various cyber threats and data breaches ToggleNow has rich experience in delivering SAP Security services include end to end SAP Security design, assessment, authorization redesign with minimized Segregation of Duties SoDs.

SAP is currently being used as a dynamic solution that can cater to most business needs. Therefore, advanced regulations are often imposed on the solution – to ensure compliance through these dynamic regulatory changes, an effective solution to plan and design your SAP’s security and authorization is required. Meeting the requirements of regulations like the SoX can be challenging with the increase in the complexity of the SAP solution’s security model.

At ToggleNow, we have designed, developed and tested numerous methods to assess any SAP security solution. With our SAP security assessment and authorization redesign services, we ensure that your SAP system is secured, authorization structure is well-defined, and the Segregation of Duty risks are reduced.

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