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Automate your SAP Role Automation redesign project with ToggleNow’s xPedite solution xPedite can scan and mass update SU24 check proposals, and update the SAP Roles automatically Mass creation of Roles, and Mass changes of Roles can be performed easily using xPedite solution.


xPedite is a powerful enabler solution that accelerates role design and assignment activities in SAP Role Management Tool. The solution allows you to automate actions like transaction, user and mass role management. Security administrators can use xPedite during SAP implementations, roll-outs and authorization redesign projects. With our solution, the project timelines can be reduced to 30% of the traditional amount of time taken to manage user roles manually.

To make things simpler, xPedite comes with a predefined set of rules and templates which can be directly used to automate various tasks related to role design. Simply, xPedite is a role automation tool/solution which requires only a few hours of your time to automate the process of role designing.It is augmented with our xPedite consultancy services to help you make the most of the solution.

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