SASO Certificate Requirements in Saudi Arabia

As of the time of writing the article, Saudi Arabia has introduced an completely new system called SABER, that permits the registration of products as well as the issuance of certificates of Conformity prior import. Please take a look at SABER below and contact Mouse & Bear for more information.

If you’re planning on importing products in Saudi Arabia, you’ll need to know how to obtain SASO Certificate. SASO Certificate, but first we’ll give you some useful tips to help you through the process.

Every country has regulations in place to make sure the quality of products imported conform to specific standards. These standards are based on national security, health in the field of quality, safety, social and environmental accountability demands. Some countries do not have the infrastructure necessary to conduct the necessary tests and inspections of imported products to make sure they conform with these standards when they arrive into their country.

In these situations the third party organizations such as Intertek to obtain the required tests, inspections or certifications. This will make sure it is in conformity with the rules of import of the particular country prior arrival into the nation.

What is the SASO Certificate of Conformity?

Saudi Arabia is one such country that depends on third-party services. Products imported for export to Saudi Arabia cannot clear customs without proper documentation to export, specifically the form of an SASO CoC (Saudi Arabia Certificate of Origin ). SASO CoC refers to the certificate of conformity that is specific in Saudi Arabia. This document proves that the product has been scrutinized and tested to make sure it meets safety and quality standards.

The SASO certificate is an official document that permits items to go through the customs. But even possessing the SASO Customs Official, they’re capable of performing additional inspections or testing procedures once the item arrives in Saudi Arabia.

Method to obtain the SASO CoC

The process of getting an SASO CoC can take up to a to a month. Therefore, it is advised to prepare ahead when looking to find ways to export your products to Saudi Arabia. The criteria for obtaining the document from an independent agency are:

  • A signed and stamped commercial invoice that is printed on the letterhead of the company’s paper. It is stamped with the stamp of the Chamber of Commerce local to you.
  • A proof of origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the area you reside in (to verify that your country is one of the countries that produced the product you are planning to ship)

Once you’ve sent your document to the agency they’ll determine which tests and inspections must be conducted. If you often export your goods into Saudi Arabia, you may consider having your products approved by the organization in order to expedite the testing process as well as checking. For instance the agency may just have to inspect the goods of maybe one out five of your shipment.

Who is legally authorized to issue a SASO certification?

The issue is the fact that not all businesses who offer SASO CoC services are recognized in Saudi Arabia, which can be a challenge for companies seeking to export their goods to Saudi Arabian markets. It is crucial to obtain these certificates only from organizations authorized by the government which have been recognized by Saudi Arabia.

Intertek was recognized as the main source of the technical rules that are applicable for the 5 regions within Saudi Arabia, with five Accreditation Offices to facilitate Conformity Assessment as well as Certificate issue.

If you’re not certain whether the organization you’re working with for SASO accreditation is a recognized organization or if you require assistance with importation to avoid delays or excessive costs, please contact Mouse & Bear Solutionsto ask. Mouse & Bear Solutions is committed to helping clients navigate the most difficult international markets in order to make sure that you receive technology equipment is completed quickly and efficiently. procedure.

More information regarding Certificate of Conformity Regulation

For more details on Certificates of Conformity Regulation and the process of issuing certificates of conformity to import goods which are delivered into Saudi Arabia, you might be interested in the following sources:

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