Selection and evaluation of chemical suppliers

Since the beginning of the industrial Revolution, the chemical industry has been closely associated with the development of productivity, the protection of social necessities and the response to war and other important aspects.The chemical industry in China is an important part of the industrial pillar. Compared with the general industry, the chemical industry needs to contact with a variety of chemicals and USES complex and diverse production raw materials, most of which are inflammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive and other dangerous raw materials.Therefore, compared with the chemical production link, it has higher requirements on the procurement and standardization of chemical raw materials.Taking the procurement of chemical raw materials as an example, the selection, evaluation and management of chemical suppliers is a very energy-consuming and complex process.


The choice of chemical suppliers is very important. There are many ways to choose chemical raw material suppliers, including all kinds of well-known websites, all kinds of exhibitions and the upstream and downstream relationship between suppliers and customers.In addition, the customer friends of relevant practitioners are also an important supplier source channel.


No matter which way you choose a chemical supplier, you must first remember to choose the supplier whose business license has been verified, and give priority to those who provide more complete qualification certificates.Such as business license, operating license, product related certificates and so on.In terms of contact information, give priority to suppliers that have both fixed phone and mobile phone, so that it is convenient to search through the search engine to find out whether these relevant Numbers conform to the registration information or whether there is negative information.


After the target supplier is identified, a series of important information such as the name and identity of the enterprise’s contact person, the department’s rank and even the authority can be verified through telephone consultation.


For the samples of raw materials, we should not only look at the drawings to determine the intention of cooperation, but also need to have more detailed communication and understanding on the detailed parameters of the samples of raw materials, quality assurance, after-sales, etc.If it is bulk raw material procurement, if conditions permit, try to carry out field visits with suppliers, face to face transactions.Transactions can also be made through formal Internet platforms.Determine the terms and conditions of the contract. Read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully.The official seal and signature on the contract should also be ensured.The company account should be selected when making the payment, and the personal account should be checked carefully if there is a risk.

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