Seven Apps That Make You Feel Connected

Nothing beats the closeness we all had with our family during childhood. Then life happened, and most of us got so caught up in our adult life that keeping in constant touch became almost impossible. However, this situation was jolted a tad bit by the home isolation during the lockdown to curb the 2020 pandemic.

People missed their friends and family more than ever. Everyone felt the need to reach out to distant-living relatives and friends from old times whom they have not connected with in a long time. It teaches us the importance of social connections.

Social circles and communication are vital for the sane mind. To belong and feel connected is one of the basic human needs, without which people might feel quite gloomy and uninterested in life. Good friends help guide us and are always there to cheer and support us through thick and thin.

Top Apps to Stay Connected with Friends and Family

This article enlists some of the top apps that keep you connected with your family and social circles. Whether through video calls or having a competitive game round with friends or cousins overseas, these apps bridge all the distances and make you feel cared for and loved.

Let us read on and know more about these apps without further ado.

1.      Zoom

Initially designed for use in offices and businesses for video conferencing with many people together, Zoom downloads and usage surged significantly during 2020. This app has evolved considerably from being only used for business meetings. More than 300 million participants used this app for joint video calls in the first quarter of 2022. It is rightfully listed under the category of a social media platform in this time and era.

Zoom has an incredibly simple and interactive layout. You can create a chat room and share the link with only the people you want. It is an excellent app for having virtual friends’ parties, family get-togethers, and spending quality time with your loved ones without worrying about physical distances.

Moreover, the best part about Zoom is that your friends do not need to have a Zoom account to join in a call. They simply have to have the link, and voila! There is also an option for changing the background and adding stickers or various emojis to your picture.

2.      WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the best thing to have happened to all mobile phone users. It is one of the top apps for staying connected with friends and family via instant text messages, audio or video calls, group chats, and group video calls. You can have as many participants added to the video call you like and have a mini Zoom party with WhatsApp!

We often want to connect with friends and family but cannot take out time for a video or audio call. We see an article, image, or meme that reminds us of a specific friend or family member and want to share it immediately. WhatsApp is the best app for this purpose. You can care for your loved ones and show them your love by sharing an interesting video clip of a motivational speaker or an informative link about mastering your chi energy at home.

3.      Houseparty

Another unconventional but exciting app that lets you stay connected with friends and family is Houseparty. It is an app where you can chat with your friends or have a great time reminiscing old times by playing a round of your favorite game.

Houseparty allows you to log in to the app and have your friends notified. They can either choose to join or ignore it if they are busy or cannot participate for any other reason. The games in this app that you can play with friends are exciting and competitive. Houseparty is a fantastic app for staying connected with friends even when you cannot cut some extra time out of your busy routine for a long video or audio call.

4.      Marco Polo

Talking about unconventional ways of staying connected with friends also includes mentioning Marco Polo. This app is like Snapchat, as it lets users create videos of any length. However, unlike Snapchat, you send videos to your friends in their chat, and the videos do not disappear after 24 hours.

It is more like sending video notes to your friends that stay saved. It is best for people who do not have time to sit down for lengthy video calls via Zoom or WhatsApp.

5.      Netflix Party

It is Netflix but with others watching movies virtually with you. Netflix party lets you watch your favorite movies with friends virtually. You can revive your childhood memories of watching a cartoon or animated film together by finding interesting movies on Netflix and hosting a Netflix party.

As a host, you can have the movie playback controls or choose to share them with other members. Do you love commenting on the ongoing things in the movie and letting your friends laugh about it? There is also a chat option on the screen, where you can share emojis, GIFs, and screenshots of the movie. This app is only available on Google Chrome for now, but Netflix has plans to integrate it into other platforms as well.

6.      TikTok

Discussion or mention of social media is not complete without mentioning TikTok. It has become synonymous with video making and editing. It is an excellent app to stay in touch with your friends and learn about their lives without calling or texting them.

TikTok lets users make short videos, edit them using various tools such as lip-sync or background change, and share them on the platform. It has become an essential platform for marketing and brand awareness for small businesses and companies. However, it is vital to stay alert while surfing through the promotional videos urging you to send over your personal information.

Internet scams have increased immensely with the rise of numerous social media platforms. However, responsible and diligent businesses address these scams timely and reverse the situation in case of any undue payment, like the AirG spam.  

7.      HeyTell

It is another somewhat different app that lets users leave little voice notes to each other. Texting is sometimes more time-consuming and formal than leaving a voice note. Voice notes are more personal and seem to convey the message with all the emotionality intact.

Connecting with Social Circle is Important

Nothing feels more homely than having a whole-hearted chat with your childhood friends or close cousins. Staying connected with friends and family is extremely important for having a sane life as it provides the emotional and often physical support that we all need. It is also a great way to unwind after a long and tiring day.

Catching up on friends or watching a funny movie for the laughs is all that is required to take the day’s burden off your shoulders. Consider the apps in this list to connect with your friends and family.

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