Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration | i95Dev Cloud Connector

i95Dev’s out-of-the-box cloud-based connector enables seamless data transfer between Microsoft Dynamics GP (earlier Great Plains) and Shopify/ Shopify Plus eCommerce systems. Automation helps you scale your business by improving operational efficiency and customer experience.


Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Features


Automate order sync between Shopify eCommerce and Dynamics GP to minimize order aging and drive business growth.


Centralize inventory in your ERP system while effortlessly updating your online sales channels to prevent overselling and under-selling of your products.


Eliminate data discrepancies and build trust by providing consistent product information across channels, including your Shopify store and Dynamics GP ERP system.


Provide unparalleled customer experience and boost CLTV by leveraging a 360-degree view of the customers with bi-directional customer information sync between Shopify and Dynamics GP systems.

Invoices & Payments

Manage cash flows and account receivables effectively, be tax-ready, and track invoices better by automating invoice and payment information sync between the two systems.


Drive customer experience and loyalty by keeping your customers informed about order and shipment status without manual intervention.

See i95Dev Cloud Connect for Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP in action.

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