Shopify and SAP Business One Integration | i95Dev Shopify Connector

Automate data sync between your Shopify eCommerce store and SAP Business One ERP systems with i95Dev’s cloud connector. The integration will help you scale your business by improving customer experience and reducing operational overheads. Supports both SQL and HANA databases.
Churn your inventory faster and reduce the order fulfillment time by automating order sync from Shopify eCommerce to your SAP Business One ERP system.
Payments & Invoices
Streamline your accounting processes and manage cash flow better with invoice & payment information sync between your Shopify eStore and SAP B1 ERP system.
Delight your customers by automating order fulfillment updates –including order status and shipping tracking number, from your SAP Business One to Shopify eCommerce store.
Reduce product information management overhead by managing SKU, product name, description, weight, pricing levels/tiers, and more in one system while automating data sync to other systems.
Manage your inventory better across multiple locations and efficiently fulfill orders by accessing inventory levels in your SAP Business One ERP system.
Run targeted campaigns leveraging a consolidated view of customers with data from multiple touchpoints, including Shopify eStore and SAP Business One ERP systems.
See i95Dev Cloud Connect for Shopify and SAP Business One in action.

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