Have you ever thought of getting the shower cubicles for your bathroom to add a unique and classy look? Well, if yes, then this is one fantastic decision to make. Available in glass material with an eccentric design and classy patterns, these are indeed the best kind of cubicles to have. 

So, if you are still in between making the decision, let us help you with the benefits of having shower enclosures

Advantages of Shower Cubicles

The shower enclosure serves as a barrier between the wet and dry sections of the bathroom. Shower cubicles enclose the shower area and are made of railings, curtain rods, or glasses attached to the ceilings or walls. The main purpose is to offer you an undisturbed bathing space with no water leakage in the rest of the area.

No matter what kind of glass hinges you use for your construction, shower enclosures are indeed the best addition to your bathroom. While there are various benefits that you might find, here are the top ones that will help you to make a quick decision:

The style statement you need

The bathroom is that part of the house which is usually neglected when it comes to designing. Well, there is no doubt having a stylish and decent bathroom is a must. This is where the shower enclosures come in. Using glass-based enclosures is a great idea. If you are looking for a modern yet simple look, try the frameless glass cubicles. 

Versatile appearance

For a versatile and appealing appearance, you can add the sliding door fitting with the shower enclosure. It is simple to access and clean. It maintains a unique aesthetic appeal which makes the bathroom look classy. Available in different sizes and shapes, the shower enclosures can still give the versatile appeal that you are waiting for.

Gives the spacious look

Most of the houses are apartments today and have limited space. This makes the bathrooms even smaller and more compact. But if you want to make your bathroom look bigger and luxurious, all you need is the shower cubicle. It will divide the bathroom into two areas. It offers you the right space and also makes the bathroom look wider and spacious.

Say bye to the wet floor.

The worst part of entering the bathroom during the day is the wet floor. But with the help of the shower cubicles, you can restrict the wetness and create a clean, tidy, and dry space. This will surely add to the hygiene considerations as well. Also, if you have the separation, you can use the wardrobe with the hydraulic Hinges in the bathroom to keep your toiletries. 

Available with customization

When designing a house, we have a lot of specifications, terms, styles, and ideas in mind. And so does the bathroom. With the shower cubicles, you have the perfect option to set the design as your choice with no hassle. Customization makes it a fun event when you are a part of designing. 

Low maintenance 

The best shower enclosure to have is one made from glass. One significant advantage of using glass shower cubicles over other materials is that they require very little upkeep. They are long-lasting and simple to clean. It is better to use a protective coating on the glass during installation to reduce water and soap scum marks. Also, glass requires little repairs.

Safety is unmatched

Shower enclosures are the perfect safety feature. They avoid water leakage to the rest of the bathroom and keep the floor dry. This avoids the chances of accidents caused by the wet floor, like slipping and flailing that can have fatal consequences. Also, since the glass enclosures have broad and fitted corners, you cannot trip over something pointy or slippery while bathing and hurt yourself.

Hygiene is key

The bathroom is the place that should have the highest level of hygiene. As the environment in the bathroom is humid, the mold or bacteria can grow and live better. But with the shower enclosures powered by the concealed hinges, you can have the best hygiene considerations you are willing for. Glass, unlike curtains, has a nonporous surface, which means bacteria cannot grow on it. Glass is easier to clean as well.


There is nothing more important than having a beautiful bathroom that is hygienic and functional. Having the shower cubicle adds the unique level of charm and beauty that is much needed to make your bathroom practically developed.

With the proper door closer and the wardrobe fittings in the bathroom, you can have the appropriate space to keep towels, cream, toothpaste, and all other toiletries. With the shower enclosure in place, you can be assured that nothing will get damaged due to water.

So, if you are planning to design or redesign your bathroom, then a shower cubicle is the best idea. To know more about the best quality shower cubicle, visit the South India Agencies in Bangalore today. Offering the extensive collection at the most affordable rate, the enclosures offered by SIA will truly amaze you.

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