Shower cubicles with an enticing edge

With covid redefining the way we interact and as work from home boundaries are tending towards becoming hazy by the day, we are getting busy and busier by the moment. At the end of the long day, we prefer to let your hair down and pamper yourself in a luxurious area of your dream nest.


What could be a better alternative than to get yourself in the comfort of your own home?

During these pandemic times, a shower cubicle comes to the rescue. Shower cubicles are gaining popularity over the traditional shower, mainly because of their attributes like ease of use, aesthetics, and hygiene. A shower fitting like this can focus the limelight of your bathroom design by adding that touch of elegance and grandeur.


A bathroom speaks volumes about the homeowner. When speaking of bathroom fittings and accessories, people talk about bathtubs, sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, faucets, etc. But there is a lot more to it.


Designing your bathroom is as tedious and time-consuming as designing the interiors of your home. The wet area of your bathroom or the shower area should be efficiently designed to ensure that water is not splashed around.  Shower cubicles enhance the feel-good experience of your bathroom besides rejuvenating you for the rest of the day.


The key idea of shower cubicles is to prevent water from flooding outside the bathing area. It organises the bathroom by clearing the clutter. Shower cubicles have thick glasses that form their outer periphery. The bathrooms curated with shower cubicles are cleaner and as there is no water spillage and the area remains dry and safe.


Smart planning is required for well-designed bathrooms. The bathroom can be segregated into a wet zone that comprises the shower area, and a dry area that includes the washbasin and commode. The shower area is placed in a manner that when the wet area is used for bathing, the water does not spill over to the dry area of the bathroom. Thus, one can ensure a clean and easy-to-maintain bathroom.


Shower enclosures need a few powerful ideas to create a leak-free shower area within your bathroom. The floor area should be ideally slanted in the direction of the drain trap. To drain running water with ease, install a drain with an easy-to-access drain trap. A shower cubicle is required to demarcate between the shower area and the dry area. Framed or frameless shower doors are helpful in preventing spillage. Additionally, it is highly beneficial to use silicone sealants to seal the joints between the flooring and the shower curb.


Upgrade your bathroom with SIA’s premier shower cubicles – with an enticing edge! With elegance and the sleek style quotient, your bathroom will reflect your style statement. With over 500+ unique features and designs, shower cubicles are upgrading the bathroom definition by finding a foothold in many regular common bathrooms. Our ebco display centre in Bangalore is a one-stop shop for all your bathroom fittings and accessories. Not just bathroom hardware, we have other home and office decor including but not limited to:  furniture fittings, wardrobe accessories, ebco bed fitting, ebco hinges, etc.


Rejuvenate your day with bathroom shower cubicles from SIA. Think shower cubicles – think SIA – the best hardware store in Bangalore! Shower yourself in luxury without compromising on your hygiene with SIA’s shower cubicles!


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