Shower Enclosure

What makes a bathroom special and unique to its owner?

Every bathroom in the world basically has the around 4 or 5 fitting, fixtures and accessories. They are wash basin, water closet, shower cubicle and bathtub and other fixtures like bidet, cabinet, soap holders, mirrors and shelves.

Why bathroom and Restrooms Matter after all?

People are sensory by nature and aware and responsive to their immediate spaces and surroundings. They look at safety, security and of course beauty which have guided the transformation of the physical space that we occupy. Therefore the design principle of our spaces is no longer just utility, in which individuals stay or work but rather efficiency and beauty which is driven by the very characteristics of human nature.

Types of bathrooms

En-suite is a bathroom that is connected to a room. The word means “in the room”. Jack and Jill bedroom is a bathroom accessible from two bedrooms and usually have two doors. A one-piece bathroom is just a wash basin, toilet. 

The Debut Of Shower enclosures in modern Bathrooms

Shower enclosures lend convenience, practicality and stunning looks to any bathroom. Whether you are newly constructing or renovating a bathroom, Shower enclosures should be part of the plan.

Choosing the best shower enclosure

Factors before you decide on shower enclosure for your bathroom space:

GLASS: toughened stylish thick glass is of utmost importance Ease in cleaning and maintenance of glass in the long run.

Architectural door hardware: Cannot be ignored, as a door without the right hardware is nothing without the appropriate accessories such as hinges, door closers, handles, locks and accessories.

Shower cubicle doors: so that water does not permeate out of the shower cubicle you can have proper differentiated wet tray areas. Sliding shower door, Bi-fold shower door, if you want a corner shower cubicle then a Quadrant enclosure and pivot shower door, your choice of customization is available Make sure all these accessories and fixtures are in line with your bathroom theme, be it colour, design, décor or overall theme. You can also get the feel of a personal sauna room if you choose to have a Steam shower cabin.

Thickness of the enclosure glass are 6mm and 10mm. Depending upon the thickness level is the price and durability of the enclosure glass. Whenever possible please incorporate a bathtub to improve feel and utility of a luxurious bathroom. Full length mirrors not only add design but are necessary to look and feel good as well as add aesthetic appeal to the BATHROOM. The right hardware products are the core of building the “right bathroom.” Many options in architectural hardware are available for today’s choosy consumer.

Foresight and thought to the design and look of bathrooms is more consequential than often acknowledged.

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