So trending on Twitter, what is WA GB or WhatsApp Mod?

Warganet was busy discussing WA GB until it became a Twitter trending on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. There were about 6 thousand more tweets discussing the WA GB issue on the network with the blue bird symbol.

Then what exactly is Whatsapp GB , and why is it so busy being discussed?

The topic turned out to lead to WhatsApp GB, is WhatsApp which has been modified or so-called WhatsApp Mod with features that are not owned WhatsApp original.

To be able to use this application, users cannot download it on the Play Store but through a third-party APK, for example from other websites.

But unfortunately not all gadget users understand that downloading applications from third parties is quite risky than through the Play Store.

As a result, as it is today, it is busy being discussed until it becomes a debate. Because many users feel annoyed after using WA GB , and not a few also find it very helpful. Of course, all depends on their respective interests.

Like the @ibuibuyakult account which tweeted its criticism of the WA GB application .

“Apart from violating people’s privacy, wa gb also has the potential to violate your privacy because there is no clear guarantee that your personal data is stored safely on their servers. If your personal data is spread, WhatsApp cannot be held accountable, ”he wrote.

Then there is @taecarush who said “+ the encrypted data is not guaranteed. WA is the original nowadays, many have been hacked especially the mod ones: “

@flwrfll “whoever rl friend who uses wa gb will not save contact la Loudly crying face is unsettling”

@calonhalalmu “I’m friends with the GB WA users . It’s really annoying for them: ‘))”

@ sunshinee1728 “I’m afraid to use GB, I’m afraid there’s a data breach. If not, I was bugged by other people. “

@jjaemilktea “I use wa gb because there is this feature .. in wa gb I can pin a lot of chats. There have been times more than 10 groups I’ve pinned. In wa gb it’s also good, the group and the PC can be separated 🙁 so it’s not confused 🙁 Status problems, it can be deactivated. So the status that has been deleted won’t show— “

@ ganangbudi1 “Wa gb can only see the SW when it’s been deleted and the contacts are not hidden, if the contacts in hide also won’t see the SW.”

@ DimasSetyaMaha1 “I am also a GB user as long as I make it cool, it doesn’t disturb people’s privacy …. Besides, the club that is important in WA wants to be tapped too: v Face with tears of joy”.

It is better if it is recommended to use the official application, because the security risk will always be minimized by the developer and can also be accounted for. ***

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