Some Of The Best South Korean Movies

The influence of cinema across a large part of Korea’s rich entertainment market. Even before K-Pop, K-Movie is in full swing in the western market. Most of the popular genre Korean movies will hold you to the end with a thrilling sequence of events. Their ghost, thriller, action genre films are always followed by the big Hollywood producers and producers. Let’s take a look at five Korean movies in five styles. Those that have been seen, you can see again and weld it. And those who have not seen, they can keep this list in the collection.

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Train To Busan: An Exciting Journey

Many have become acquainted with Korean films with Train to Busan. If you find monotonous Korean movies based on zombie stories boring, take a look at these pictures to change the taste. Seok-yu and Su-an, sit on the thrill train with father and daughter, mixed with fear and emotion!

The whole city was then occupied by zombies. Meanwhile, Seok-Yu and Su-An are going to Busan. Will they be able to reach their destination by defending themselves from the zombie attack? If you want to know, you have to look at the picture of 1 hour 58 minutes. Train to Busan is directed by Ion Sang-ho.

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A Moment to Remember: A Film to Remember

Many put “A Moment to Remember” at the top of the list of the best romantic pictures they have seen. The film, however, demands such a position. A Moment to Remember, released in 2004, is the story of two young women named Chul-Su and Su Jin. The two got married in love. The story of the film takes a turn when Suu Kyi is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. One by one she starts to forget everything, even the face of her beloved husband! Knowing that his wife has forgotten everything, Chul-su doesn’t let go of her hand, she just wants to be by his side. There are three main reasons why you should take your time at the end of the first picture, excellent background music. Second, the main characters are Zhang Yu-Sang and Sun Yi-Jin. Thirdly, the great ending of the film.

Old Boy: Wisdom Thunders!

Seeing the Old Boy will inevitably make you think — a story like that can happen! There are some pictures that radically change our perception, experience, knowledge about cinema. Old Boy is such a picture.

At the beginning of the film, who or what kidnapped the main character of the film, Day-Suke. He was kept in a small room. The companion is just a television. Day-Sur spent 15 years of her life with a television in a closed room. Then suddenly one day he was released. Who detained him for 15 years? Why did you leave again? The crazy man started looking for the answer to the question. Directed by Park Chan-Yuk, the film was released in 2003. He won the Old Boy Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes International Film Festival. This is the second most prestigious award at the Cannes Film Festival since Palm The.

Miracle in Cell Number Seven: A Story of Laughter and Crying

Miracle in Cell Number Seven is a comedy film. But be aware, if you are not a very hard hearted person, you will probably have to wipe your eyes while sitting to see the picture of laughter!

The story of the film is about a disabled father named Li Yong-gu and his daughter Yi-seung. Coincidentally, Lee is embroiled in a murder and rape case. His place in jail is with all the notorious criminals, in cell number 6. At one point, Lee befriended the cell’s criminals. They arranged for Yi-seung to be brought inside the prison. A little girl is hiding in cell number 7 with all the notorious criminals and her father. Kal So-yon played the role of Yi-seung in the film. The performance of the baby girl is so wonderful, surely her enchanted face will remain in your mind for a long time even after the end of the film.

The Admiral: Roaring Currents

Five years ago today, The Admiral: Roaring Currents was released this July. This is the most viewed film in the history of South Korean movies and the highest-grossing film. The film, starring Old Boy star Choi Min Sik, broke all previous records within 12 days of its release. It seems to be based on true events, the audience’s interest in The Admiral: Roaring Currents has been created since before its release. The film depicts the battle of the historic Myongyeong in 1598.

Admiral Yi Sun-sin of the Korean Navy fought with only 12 ships against 333 Japanese warships. Understandably, the main attraction of this film is tension. For those who like war pictures, and for those who don’t, it’s a must-see for both types of viewers. The Admiral Film director Kim Han-min.

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