Step by step make process for beginners

We are all beautiful in our skin, but make-up gives us a beautiful look that says a lot about our personality and mood! A bold look for a party or a cute look for a day out with friends, makeup helps to enhance your beauty for every occasion. But many people attempting to look good usually end up ruining their look because of their partial knowledge of how to apply makeup. Everything has a process that follows. Make-up is like cooking; if you don’t follow the right steps, you might end up burning the dish.

Similarly, if you don’t know the right process of make-up, you might end up ruining your look for the day. You can help yourself with Makeup Courses In Vizag to achieve the look that you desire. If you are a beginner, then it is important that you at least know the steps of makeup, as the skills and creativity come with time.

Step-by-step makeup process

Prep your skin

The very first step of applying makeup starts before you begin to apply makeup. Preparing your skin for the upcoming steps is essential as it conditions the skin, making it smooth and resulting in a much more effective look. The preparation process is your usual skincare routine, which starts with washing your face with a cleanser that works for the texture of your skin, which is then followed by toning that helps to tighten your skin, and then finally, the most important step of moisturising, is essential before makeup as it keeps the skin healthy and hydrated avoiding a cakey look. 

Use primer

Skipping primer can be a big mistake if you wish to have a fresh makeup look and don’t want it to seem worn throughout the day. The reason it is so important is that it fills in all the fine lines and pores on your skin, making it smooth like a blank canvas for your makeup to move swiftly on your skin. Choosing a matte primer is a good idea if you have oily skin. Just apply it evenly to your skills, putting extra attention towards the concerned areas. 

Apply foundation

This step involves applying foundation to give yourself flawless-looking skin and even tone. You can’t just pick up any foundation that is nearest to your hand. Choosing a foundation that matches the tone of your skin is really important. Yes, foundations come in various skin tone colors, and you don’t want a skin tone on your face and neck that is different from the other parts of your body, like your arms and legs. People who have oily skin should opt for matte finish foundation; on the other hand, people who have dry skin can go for radiant finish foundation. For a natural look, apply foundation with a sponge or brush.

Conceal your problems

Concealer is somewhat similar to foundation but thicker and is used to cover dark circles or spots that appear on your skin after applying foundation. Pick the foundation that matches your skin or one that is a shade lighter in order to highlight the area. Blend and buff the concealer onto your skin, and finally, to set this base makeup and keep it away from sweat, use a compact powder. 

Add some blush.

This step is where you sweep some blush onto your cheeks to give out a look of flushed, glowing skin. You can choose any colour of blush that seems vibrant according to your mood, but if you want to show off a natural-looking glow, then go for the blush that fits in contrast with your skin tone.

Shade your eyes

You can start this step by using a neutral-coloured eyeshadow on your eyelids and then move to darker tones afterward to cover the crease, which would make the look more intensified. To complete the look and give it a final touch, sweep the eyeshadow onto your brow bone, and you are good to go.

Eyeliner, kajal and mascara

Your eyes are not done yet. Magnify the beauty of your eyes by applying a liquid eyeliner that happens to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Using a kajal makes the whole look tied together, and finally, throwing in some mascara to highlight your beautiful eyelashes.  

Lip liner and lipstick

A lip liner keeps the lipstick in line and prevents it from spreading out, which looks uneven. Keep in mind to use a lip liner that matches the colour of your lipstick. Just outline the line of your lips and then put on the lipstick; what you can do is colour your lips with the lip liner first so you have a smooth base and then apply lipstick on it. 

Following the right procedure would give you a fine makeup look. However, playing with colours and being creative is totally up to you. If you are passionate about beauty and body care treatments, then Cosmetology Courses In Visakhapatnam can help you step up your game. 

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