Steps To Balance A Cow’s Diet

Every farmer wants their dairy cows to give the best quality milk in maximum amounts; to achieve that, the ruminants need to eat the best quality rations in perfect balance. Too much or too little can give them health issues; that’s why finding the correct balance of nutrition for cows has become a big concern for farmers.

Correct nutrition is essential for dairy cows to be the most productive in yielding milk and inbreeding; due to this, it has become a priority for farmers and feed manufacturers to enhance nutrition intake and quality of nutrition for dairy cows.

Concern of farmers

  • Farmers have a considerable interest in providing high-quality feeding options that improve the health of their dairy cows and livestock in general.
  • Farmers like to use feeds that are full of nutrients because they boost the performance and production of their cows.
  • Farmers also have considerable concerns in finding a feed that has a long shelf-life and can show resistance against spoilage, rot, mold, bacteria, and moisture.

Concerns of feed manufacturers

  • Feed manufacturers must find solutions that improve their cattle feed’s shelf-life.
  • They must supply nutrient-rich livestock feed that enhances the health and production of dairy cows.
  • They must offer feed options to cattle farmers that boost cattle value.
  • Their biggest concern is to save costs on livestock feed and improve feed value while ensuring 0 waste during the manufacturing process.

Silage is a good feeding option that satisfies these concerns as it has a long shelf-life of up to 18 months and is resistant to mold, spoilage, rot, bacteria, and moisture, plus round bales save space.

Health improvement nutrition measures for cows

It is vital to keep the dairy cows in good health as healthy cows will be highly productive; for that, a balanced and high nutrition diet is a must. To achieve excellent nutrition for cows, farmers must buy feeds with a good mix of nutrients beneficial for milk production, fermentative digestion, and metabolic health.

Farmers must note that willing feed intake by cattle depends on breed, feed type, and environmental influences; for example, cattle willingly intake more feed when temperature decreases; they intake less willingly when the temperature rises. So to make sure that the milk produced is of high quality, farmers must use feeds that have nutritional supplements and additives to enhance milk yield, digestion in cattle, and the population of bacteria in the rumen.

The four components that affect nutritional requirements

Various factors affect dietary needs; however, 4 of them are shared among all cattle, such as cows and buffaloes.

Maintenance: – Cows need to support digestion, tissue repair, daily task requirements, and other functions such as milk production, for that they need to intake a specific combination of nutrients, even though many factors affect the number of nutrients a cow requires to function correctly, only a smaller proportion of nutrients are needed for maintenance. For example, if the temperature is colder or hotter than the optimal value, the more prominent will be maintenance requirements.

Growth: – Each breed of cow has a specific requirement of nutrition that affects its development, such as weight, muscle-to-fat ratio, and growth rate; supplements and additives that supply nutrition enhance all these.

Milk yield: – Milk production varies, depending on the cow’s diet. Additives build up rumen microbial protein production and digestion of fibre, which results in increased milk yield and milk fat.

Reproduction: –Dairy cows normally require adjustments in diet during the last three months of pregnancy to support the growth of the fetus; better nutrition with optimum macro and micronutrients highly influences the fetus’s health and growth rate.   

How to improve the quality of feed

With various specific dietary needs, achieving an optimal diet level for cows often requires additives, especially in dry regions. Seasons also affect the availability of natural sources of nutrition that cows rely upon.

The solution for farmers is to purchase high-quality feeds that meet nutrition standards.

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