Struggles Women Go Through While Buying Plus-Size Clothes

Fashion struggles with size are nothing new; it is quite hard to find plus-sized clothing for women. The women who do not fit in standard size clothing find it very difficult to walk into a store and come out with something they can wear. Finding a retailer who sells clothing is not easy, and the selection of clothing is very limited. There are fewer brands that create plus size clothes. Plus size clothing online shopping is also quite difficult, especially if you want to have a particular style or design.

Some clothing manufacturers have said that the process of designing plus size clothing is more complicated and difficult than smaller clothing. However, brands are extending their sizes on average so that oversized women can also enjoy wearing amazing designs in clothes.

Despite the fact that many brands are now extending their sizes, but only 17% of the money is spent on buying women’s wear that is plus size. 67% of women in the US are in size 14, and statics have shown that women buy small sizes to fit in the appeal industry.

Women find it hard to identify their body size, while many people buy clothes misunderstanding their body size.

The good thing is many brands are working on plus size clothing. They understand their customers and create a range of sizes. A growing number of retailers are creating plus-size clothing, and they have extended their size to the ranges that can accommodate a variety of women.

 Now you can get your desirable dress either of plus size or even if you want customized clothing. These retailers and brands also provide service of plus size clothing online shopping. You will find at least one retailer that will provide you specialized service.

Here are some of the problem women face while looking for plus size clothing

 It’s Not About Scaling Up

It is a major problem that women face regarding plus size cloths. While creating plus cloths, it is important to keep in mind the shapes of the body. For many retailers extending the size simply means making straight-size garments in large size. This whole process neglects the fact women have different sizes and shapes.

Most fashion houses just assume plus size to be like an hourglass figure, but a plus-size figure doesn’t work like that, and you cannot make a baggy dress considering it will fit on the body of every body shape. That is why almost 70% of women have reported that they are not satisfied with clothing. It makes the whole process of buying plus-size dresses a stressful experience.

Fabrics Matter

Size is not the only problem. The fabrics in which these clothes are available can also be problematics.  Cheap and flimsy fabrics tend to be the order of the day, however, give a thought before buying your cloth because if you are buying a bigger size than your body shape, that will not adjust to the body. Some types of fabrics also get stretched over time. Therefore, although before buying the cloth, plus-size clothing made by a good retailer can be a great fit and extremely comfortable.

Size Confusion

Over the years, it has become very clear that size 14 in one store is not the same in another store. Also, the size 14 from one brand does not match with the 14 sizes of another brand. However, once you start buying plus-size dresses, it becomes even more confusing because there are way too many sizes out there.

Most of them are not even labeled as 18, 20, 24, etc. Most are written as X, L, XL, which is quite impossible to understand. Also, XL will not match the body of every woman.

There must be more sizes in-between small, large, and extra-large as many body shapes are in-between large and extra-large.

If there are more clear guidelines about clothes, it will be easy for people to select their size. But there is no standardization, especially above the standard size range.

Limited Designs

Everyone can find amazing designs and illusion dresses with a great color scheme in normal sizes. While it becomes hard to find a cloth in plus-size, how can one complain about its design and color?

More thought should be out into dresses of all sizes. However, now the plus-size market is moving forward and coming up with amazing designs and styles.

Plus Size Does Not Mean Tall

A very weird consideration is plus size community considering if your size scale-up, that means you are taller. It is not the case for everyone.

Retailor should cater to different sizes and offer clothing in shirt medium and tall fittings. That will solve the problem that many women face while doing shopping.

Many brands are offering various options, which have made it easy for women to buy material of their requirement.

Mannequins Matter

Everyone knows that in women’s magazines and advertising billboards plus-size community is slowly being embarrassed. People give too much high light to a slim physique, and being plus size is an embarrassment in society.

Women go for too much to look like those slim and smart models. You will rarely find a mannequin that is above XS. It is like the world is embarrassed about plus-size people, and it has become a sign of ugliness.

The magazine pottery an unrealistic world. Luckily some stores are diversifying their mannequin sizes; other stores and brands should also follow them to let everyone know how an outfit falls on a realistic figure.

Wear Shapewear to Look Best

Even after following the proper size guide, your outfit will look good as your shapewear makes you look. Many dresses require to wear shapewear with them. Therefore, these foundation garments should also be of good quality to control the bodysuit for a special event and prevent sculpting your curves’ stress and headache.

Shapewear covers all the curves no matter what kind of dressing you are in. They enhance your look and make you look perfect for the occasion.

Also, don’t let society judge you or worry about what others think. Make yourself look glamorous with your favorite outfit. 

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