Students And Education: Preparing Your Child For School

For the starting five years of their life, your children feel safe and happy at home. They have a comfort zone around them. However, when they are 6, you rush them to school, which is a tragic mistake. You might not know what your child may feel or, worse, do something you might regret because you snatched their comfort without warning. Rushing children to school is a big mistake most parents make, which needs to stop for the children’s well-being. So what to do? As parents, slow down and prepare your child for the first day of school, just like their age. Make your children’s transition into school a smooth and memorable one. Here’s how?

Start early: Your children’s journey to school begins even before they join the school. Firstly, they should know that they need to go to school, so you should talk about school and school life as early as possible, but don’t rub it. Talk slowly and less every day. That way, your child won’t feel overburdened. You can also ask the other family members to let the child in on their school experiences.  

Meet the teacher: You know that your children’s teacher will be as important as you when they join the school. They say that if you know your children’s teachers well, you know their future. Thus you need to talk to your child’s teacher, and ask as many questions as you like, don’t hesitate here. It is your chance to know whether your child is going into the right hands or not.  

Take a tour around the school: You and your child should know the pros and cons of the school. So decide a day, and all 3 of you should go around the school and take a tour, you should know what’s happening in there, are they teaching well? How is the infrastructure? You should notice every tiny detail before finalizing.

Talk about expectations: You should discuss what your children expect at their new school. It is the point where they should also know that they will not get everything they expect from the school. 

Encourage your child to enjoy: Your children might try to blend in with other students at school, which is normal behavior. But it’s not good for your child’s future. So please encourage them to be original like they are at home if school is their second home, so there is no need to be afraid to be yourself there.

Teach them independence: At home, your children are dependent on you, but at school, they need to be independent. Otherwise, they won’t learn anything or, worse, get bullied. So start early and teach them to be independent at little things at home before joining the school.

Teach them respect: You need to teach your children to be obedient to their teachers, friends, and others at school as they are respectful towards you. Significantly, the teachers, because they will shape your child’s future, no matter how modern they get, teachers are always guiding lights, and your child should know that.     

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