SUV Car Rental Prices in California: Adventures Are Waiting

Sun-kissed California is one of the US’s most beautiful and diverse states. It offers many tourist attractions for any taste. Yet, a regular tourist might face a challenge to overcome long distances. But don’t worry! Renting a car will save you time and effort, allowing you to travel wherever your heart desires. In this article, we will guide you through the best SUV car rental options in California. You’ll be able to choose your perfect car for the best price.

Benefits of SUV Rental for Long Trips

Each car class has much to offer, but when it comes to a road trip the advantages of an SUV rental are obvious. Sports utility vehicles or SUVs are large cars, combining the comfort of a passenger car and the mobility of off-road vehicles. Able to carry a lot of luggage, SUVs are also enhanced with a raised ground clearance and a 4-wheel drive mechanism. This helps them maneuver on rough and unstable surfaces. SUVs are very convenient. High safety ratings make them the best option both for active tourism and family trips. In California, SUVs are rented far more often than other car types.

Pick Up Your Car at the Airport

In most cases, a car rental in California starts at the airport. Why is that so? Because of convenience. You don’t have to spend time and money, as well as rely on public transport to get to your hotel. Besides, there are always lots of cars available at the airport. You aren’t likely to miss your car even if the demand is high.

Budget or Luxury? Rent an SUV for a Reasonable Price

Rental vendors provide a wide range of SUV models to meet your budget and preferences. Intermediate (midsize) SUVs are known for being fuel-efficient. They are smaller than standard SUVs but still spacious and powerful. A standard SUV is the best option for off-road driving. Are you looking for a car with superior capabilities? Such as a powerful engine, extended comfort level, or higher passenger capacity? You should search among the premium, standard elite, and luxury models. When choosing your superb auto, do not forget to look through all options. With, you can find more information about picking a premium auto for a budget price.

Have you decided on your needs? So, let’s see the options to rent an SUV in California and compare the prices at different locations:

  • The lowest prices can be found at Palm Springs Airport, Oakland Airport, and Santa Barbara Airport (starting from $47 per day for a midsize SUV). The cost of a standard SUV starts from $57 while a premium car can be hired for only $85 per day. Renting a full-size or standard elite SUV costs $117+ per day.
  • Average SUV rental prices are in San Jose International Airport, John Wayne Airport, Orange County, and San Diego International Airport. Here, a midsize SUV goes for $58-102, and the price of a Standard SUV starts from $72. Full-size car prices vary from $96 to $404 per day.
  • Highest prices take place in Hollywood Burbank Airport, Burbank, Meadows Field Airport, Bakersfield, and San Francisco Airport (starting from $78 per day for a midsize SUV). The cost of a standard SUV ranges from $86 to $354. You can find a premium or standard elite SUV (for 5 persons) for $112 and more. Full-size SUV rentals cost approximately $220-350. If you are traveling in a big group, car suppliers offer large Premium SUVs for 8 persons worth $250+.
  • Special SUVs (Jeep Wrangler or similar) are offered in San Jose International Airport, San Diego International Airport (from $119 per day), and San Francisco International Airport ($183-248 per day). 
  • The widest choice of luxury autos takes place at San Jose International Airport ($350-498 per day) and San Francisco International Airport ($219-498 per day).

And there you have it! A quick insight into the best SUV car options in California. First, we explained the reasons why hiring an SUV is a win-win solution. Then we give you some hints about where you can pick a car for a fair price. Now, grab your car and have the best time!

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