SYNTHETICS Or COTTON FOR PARTYWEAR ? What Would be your choice.


SYNTHETICS Or COTTON FOR PARTYWEAR ? What Would be your choice.

synthetics vs cotton for partywear

What are synthetic fabrics?

Synthetic fibers are made up by, human beings under chemical processes, opposite from the natural ones that are readily absorbed. They are also called artificial fibers. They are formed by the process of polymerization, which literally means a combination of two or more molecules to form even larger molecules.

People usually prefer wearing cotton, woolen, linen, and silk due to their comfort and lightweight. It’s known to everyone that synthetic clothes are preferred, over any other material, whether for a 7year-old or 40year-old, male or female, young or old, white or black, it is preferred, due to the main reason being its texture.

The question that arises is that, what made them so popular? What are the benefits of synthetic clothes? What made people choose them over any other material?, Are they still in the market? or Are they still in preference? Are they comfortable? Let’s get to know the answers to these questions below!

  1. Cotton:

 It is the most comfortable and easy-to-carry material used on, daily basis. Its texture is soft, stretchy, and strong, with a 3.5-5 gm/den tenacity. This fabric is perfect to use for: pajamas, T-shirts, capris, underwear, etc. Cotton is the most used fabric also because it absorbs sweat in summers and not itchy.

  • Woolen:

Woolen can be itchy and uncomfortable, but it certainly provides warmth for the winter seasons! Many types of wear are contributed, from wool, such as sweaters, hoodies, jackets, coats, etc. Not just for protecting bodies, it is also used for making blankets and quilts.

  • Silk:

Silk is a smooth, shiny, and soft textured fabric. It is a high-quality fabric with a great history. It is pricy but is one of the finest qualities of materials. Silk is also used, in much other mixed clothing, for an even better appearance. It is one of the trendiest fabrics of its time. 

  • Linen:

It is strong and absorbent and dries faster than any other natural fiber because of such properties Linen is considered to be comfortable to wear in summers. It is one of the oldest and finest materials. Objects like; aprons, bags, towels, napkins, table cloth, bed linens, runners, chair covers, etc.

  • Synthetic:

Synthetic fiber has different types including Nylon (it is not used alone, usually blended with one or another fabric, it doesn’t easily soiled or get wrinkled), polyester (when mixed with any other material it adds to the qualities of getting wrinkle free and reduce fading), acrylic (it was developed as imitation wool, avoid wrinkling, soiling, fading), spandex (it is elasticated and comfortable exceptional to the nature of synthetic) , olefin(good choice for furniture wear, no other dis-functioning), synthetic fur (Fake fur is used for all purposes where otherwise real fur (of animal origin) would be used),

leather (tough and durable material which can be gently vacuumed), suede (durable, smooth, pliable), neoprene (Neoprene is water-resistant, exhibits good chemical stability, and maintains flexibility when subject to a wide range of temperatures), polyester fleece (Polyester fleece is a soft, fuzzy fabric), microfiber (it is a fine synthetic yarn), vinylon (easy-care and less expensive than leather), etc. these fabrics are designed by engineers to have all the desired qualities! Let us know a little about the properties of synthetic clothes. Also, one of the plus points is that they are affordable by the maximum.


Pros of synthetic clothes:

– They have a shiny and smooth appearance.

– They are lightweight but strong.

– These clothes are easy to maintain because they avoid getting creased.

– Also, they are easy to dry.

– Natural elasticity and flexibility

Cons of synthetic clothes:

– They do not decompose hence are harm to nature, majorly causes air and water pollution

– They are more dangerous to cause fire hazards.

– They sure are uncomfortable.

– They can melt easily

– They do not absorb moisture which causes irritation and rashes on the skin.

Synthetics or cotton for partywear

keeping aside from all the properties of different fabrics including natural and synthetic material. Natural fibers are comfortable but mostly in a get-together, people prefer shiny appearance clothes, which are the properties of synthetic fiber. Now they all have their pros and cons, but still, the preference of synthetic fabric over any other fabric is a myth that goes on till now and preferably even in the future!

Cotton and woolen clothes are good to go with at home, but a party includes shimmery clothes: that are best provided by synthetic clothes and their types. More importantly, synthetic clothes have also grown comfortable due to their demanding growth. There is a need for better knowledge of all the types of clothes for their better usage. More importantly, synthetic clothes have also grown comfortable due to their demanding growth.


Synthetic or cotton – loads of years later also synthetic has not left their market! They are still considered to be the best clothing for parties, functions, and get together. They have been in the market ever since but are evolving new textures and designs in their forms. Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear. Talking about woolen, they are not as comfortable, but the plus is they give you warmth. Silk is one of the finest fabrics but is not at all pocket-friendly. All about the artificial fibers and their types, including examples and pros or cons. Lastly! Shimmery clothes are good to go with at all the parties! 

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