How to Plan Your Career For the Post Corona World

In the Americas, 1,047,509 COVID-19 cases had been affirmed by April 25, 2020, and 53,103 individuals had passed on. Essay help By April 9, 16 million Americans had lost their positions because of the Covid pandemic and petitioned for joblessness benefits. Numerous unnecessary organizations have closed down and numerous states have a stay-at-home request set … Read more

The Rise of Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite the growing popularity of online learning, educational institutions (schools, colleges, and universities) across the world are still based largely on traditional classroom setups. college assignment help Some do offer blended learning options but they are still stuck with old procedures. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the education systems worldwide to shift to online teaching … Read more

Why Choosing AWS Cloud is a Good Move for Your Career?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the first in the market to launch modern cloud infrastructure service in the year of 2006. According to Synergy Group’s Chief Analyst and Research Director, Amazon has massive advantage over its competitors with 33% control over the market. With 18% Microsoft is at second position and Google is at third … Read more