Chemical companies Neopentyl Glycol

Chemical companies Neopentyl GlycolCAS No:126-30-7Formula:C5H12O2Synonyms:2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediol;Neopentyl glycol;2,2-Dimethylpropane-1,3-diol;Dimethylolpropane;1,3-Propanediol, 2,2-dimethyl-;Neopentanediol;Neopentylene glycol;Neopentylglycol;NeolChina Export:From 2018.11 to 2019.11, total export volume of Neopentyl Glycol from China was 374,861,877KG while total export value was $614,316,506. The biggest proportion of exporting volume in the last 12 months was 15.17% in 2019.05.Categories:Pharmaceutical Intermediates > Ophthalmic Agents Chemical companies Neopentyl Glycol descriptionCOLOURLESS-TO-WHITE HYGROSCOPIC CRYSTALS. Basic … Read more

Chemical companies must plan for success and unforeseen challenges

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Chemical companies use technology to better meet customer needs

The diversified customer base of the chemical industry protects it from fluctuations in one or another customer industry, helps stabilize revenue, and improves resilience in times of recession and crisis. But when it comes to customer centricity, this broad customer base may have a significant drawback. For many chemical companies, it is a trend to … Read more

Chemical companies fight commoditization with a good business model

Windfalls from raw materials and emerging market growth mask the damage to profit margins from increasing commoditization. In the past 15 years, the chemical industry has been lucky to ride the tide more than once, but twice. These chemical companies can benefit not only from the attractive natural gas raw materials in the Middle East … Read more