Chemical manufacturer copes with the pressures of disruptive times

The challenges of raw material procurement, uncertain trade and tax policies, new forms of competition and more demanding consumers. These trends are coming together and putting a lot of pressure on chemical manufacturer. Although most companies have responded to the call to adapt to this era, a small number of innovative companies are emerging. We … Read more

There are six failure modes that plague chemical manufacturer

When it comes to the commercialization of new products and new materials, there are six failure modes perplexing chemical manufacturer. Chemical manufacturers with the right capabilities can significantly accelerate release times and generate meaningful revenue. Chemical and materials companies invest a large part of their R & D: in general, commodity companies account for 2% … Read more

What happened to the returns of chemical manufacturer in 2018

In the past year, the concerns of the management of many chemical companies have increased significantly. It’s not just a fall in share prices that’s worrying, though as 2018 goes on, executives are certainly worried about it as well. Something more fundamental happened. Demand is weakening. In the third quarter of 2018, chemical production in … Read more

Helping chemical manufacturer to address their challenges

With a new and qualified partner, we can take a new look at the seemingly unsolvable challenges and help the global chemical manufacturer transform its operation mode and reduce costs. Challenge A $5 million global chemical manufacturer encountered Microsoft Dynamics Performance Issues in its initial Dynamics AX implementation and needed to help determine how to … Read more