Chemical suppliers 3,4-Difluoronitrobenzene Description

Chemical suppliers 3,4-Difluoronitrobenzene DescriptionCAS No: 369-34-6Formula: C6H3F2NO2Synonyms: 3,4-Difluoronitroben;4-Difluoronitrobenzene;3,4-DIFLUORONITROBENZENE;3,4-2fluoronitrobenzene;1,2-difluoro-4-nitro-benzen;1-NITRO-3,4-DIFLUOROBENZENE;1,2-DIFLUORO-4-NITROBENZENE;3,4-difluoro-1-nitrobenzene;3,4-Difluoronitrobenzene99%;3,4-Difluoronitrobenzene99%Categories: Pharmaceutical Intermediates > Antibacterials Chemical suppliers 3,4-Difluoronitrobenzene Descriptionclear yellow liquid Chemical companiesBasic AttributesCAS No:369-34-6Molecular Formula :C6H3F2NO2Molecular Mass :159.09Exact Mass :159.013184PSA :45.8LogP :2.1EINECS :206-718-2InChIKeys :RUBQQRMAWLSCCJ-UHFFFAOYSA-NH-bond Acceptor :4H-bond Donor :0SP3 :0.00RBN :0 Chemical companies CharacteristicsAppearance :Clear yellow LiquidDensity :1.5±0.1 g/cm3Melting Point :-12CBolling Point :76-80 °C11 mm Hg(lit.)Flash Point :177 … Read more

Three benefits of digital transformation for chemical suppliers

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Two ways chemical suppliers can improve their performance

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chemical suppliers managing the human element in dynamic pricing

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The first step in finding a quality chemical suppliers is to choose the right product

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How to choose the ideal chemical suppliers in UAE

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