6 Tips to Help You See Results For a Weight Loss Diet

If the primary goal of your diet is to lose weight, you probably understand the frustration that comes along with a scale that does not move. Losing weight is often about more than just eating less. Here are six tips to help you to see real results when trying to lose weight. Get Active While … Read more

Butter smoke point: at what temperature does butter burn

Have you ever burnt your butter while cooking? Whether your answer is affirmative or negative, you should have a clear concept of the smoke point of butter. Butter is a cooking fat with a low-smoke point  & unsuitable for high-temperature cooking methods. If you have the question in mind, why does butter burn? Here is … Read more

Substitute ghee for butter: Using ghee as a butter alternative

What is ghee used for? Ghee has multiple uses in your kitchen. But have you ever tried ghee as a butter substitute for butter? If not, you should consider replacing your daily cooking oil with ghee. Even if you are fond of butter, you can replace it with ghee. Don’t worry about the taste change … Read more

Diabetes and infertility

Excess sugar isn’t always sweet. The sweetness of parenthood remains a dream for many couples who are unable to conceive. Diabetes could be one of the reasons depriving couples the joy of parenthood. Many couples are unaware of the fact that diabetes can adversely affect reproductive health. It’s an established fact that diabetes had affected … Read more

Effective Diet And Exercise that help to gain Energy During Pregnancy

During the Pregnancy time effective diet and exercise that help you to gain energy that helps to deals women’s heath complications during the pregnancy period , The women clinic is the best Gynecologis clinic in Noida pregnancy where Dr. Vandana Singh Is the head of the clinic and doctor also assist you that what diet … Read more