How is digital marketing important for your company?

If you have a product or service, you need marketing.   The question everyone is asking is how digital marketing is important for your company.   So many companies who have been into traditional marketing to date and have been doing business through offline marketing do not understand how digital marketing can help them. Well, … Read more


Innogenx   tags:  digital, portfolio, innogenx, website, graphic A FACELIFT FOR YOUR BRAND — A PERFECT GRAPHICS DESIGN A long holiday — planning for a perfect getaway — confused about staying, food, ambience, and hygiene -begins the search on the internet and the first thing looked at is serenity -greenery, bliss-food to contentment, fun -games, and entertainment. Graphic designing is … Read more

InnoGenX- a complete guide to innovative marketing strategies to boost your business growth!

Hey business owners! Are you experiencing low return on investments using traditional marketing methods? Then, you need to know about online marketing and the advantages of using digital marketing tools over traditional marketing. 👉 Digital marketing is an inexpensive and powerful mode of advertising your products or services. 👉 Digital platform gives higher exposure and … Read more