Endometrial Rejuvenation

Endometrial Rejuvenation Endometrial Rejuvenation a solution for Women who struggle to become pregnant because of poor endometrial thickness, can now conceive  naturally and give birth. What is Endometrial Regeneration? Pregnancy requires not just a healthy embryo, but also a healthy and mature endometrium, which  ensures the implantation of the embryo and the onset of your long-awaited pregnancy. … Read more

Thin Endometrial Lining

The innermost lining that coats the uterus is called the endometrial lining. When the ovaries release an egg every month, the endometrial thickens in preparation for an embryo. If the egg does not get fertilized, the lining sheds and exits the body via the vaginal canal as the menstrual cycle. The endometrial lining provides nourishment … Read more