Best Ways to Understand a Fantasy Cricket Player

Sports have always been favorites among the common man. Sports unite people from every class of society. With the advent of the Internet, people can now access any sporting event 24X7 at their fingertips. With this growing industry, there have been many new methods of entertainment like new sports events, tournaments, etc. One such change … Read more

Free contests and their role in User Engagement within the Fantasy Sports Industry

Lakhs of people play fantasy cricket daily in India while thousands of them join in order to check how this thing works. Fantasy Cricket has been present in India since 2008 but it was during the pandemic when people understood its true potential and started playing multiple fantasy sports online. Since a lot of new … Read more

Real11 a.k.a. the Best Fantasy App

Fantasy Cricket is an online tactic based game wherein users partake in fantasy cricket leagues of their choice and earn daily cash rewards. The notion of creating virtual teams using the knowledge of the sport is exciting in itself, but the way it has transmuted the entire online gaming industry is beyond fascinating. In a … Read more