Fashion Leaders: Indian Entrepreneurs to Keep an Eye On

The fashion business, a dynamic and steadily developing domain, is much of the time drove by visionary entrepreneurs who shape drifts and rethink style. In India, a country saturated with different fashion customs, a few fashion entrepreneurs have left a permanent imprint in the homegrown fashion scene as well as on the worldwide stage. In … Read more

Country Handbags: Timeless Charm with a Rustic Twist

In the world of fashion, there’s something special about country handbags. These bags bring together the charm of the countryside with today’s fashion trends and always look good. Materials and Design: Country handbags are often made from natural materials like leather, canvas, or straw. They have simple colors and designs that go well with different … Read more


We’re back! It’s been a long time since we’ve been at Thefashionguitar together and I’m beyond thrilled to be here in the midst of preparing to present with you our very initial “Home story”, created by us in conjunction together with Maisonette. When we moved into our new home in our preferred neighborhood, on the UES in October of … Read more

21 Trendiest Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2022

Instagram is great when it comes to OOTDs—outfit of the day—and quick style inspirations, but blogs are where the serious fashionistas go to write about trends, advice, and the latest fashion innovations. Not feeling particularly stylish today? Fashion blogs can give you inspiration for dressing well even on those lazy mornings. Got your eye on … Read more