Winter Fashion Jewelry Trends To Steal in 2022

Accessories like zodiac signs, dainty silver chains, layered necklaces, and statement styles are all that runways pointed to in the 2022 winter fashion flash. So, it’s time that you endure jewelry designs that epitomize the relative theme and hold onto fun, colorful, and bold bijoux. So, whether you are looking for something fashionable to pull … Read more

12 Fall Jewelry Trends You’re About to See Everywhere in 2022

Before you know it, you will be switching your breezy clothes with sweaters and hoodies. Yes, that’s something that the fall season brings with itself, and we have to switch over to some cold-weather essentials. With the air getting chilly, we have already started packing up our summer attires and are ready to get all … Read more

A leather Jacket can go with anything!

Leather can be the ideal and iconic choice for men and women. This can be the best option for everyone when it is about to attending any special event. The following are its styles of it:  There are authentic weather jackets when it is not extremely warm or freezing. Those days were known for the … Read more

Aquamarine – Meaning, Birthstone, Price, and Healing Properties

Aquamarine Cost has significantly increased over the years because of the growth in its popularity. Like any other natural gemstone, Aquamarine crystals also range in size; thus, their price varies. Other factors that contribute to the crystal’s overall price trend are its clarity, color, and rarity. A clear, see-through appearance and deep coloring make the pricing … Read more

Everything About Citrine Meaning, Birthstone, Price, and Healing Properties

The Citrine Cost varies per carat, just like any other gemstone. Also, the worth of any gemstone is determined through numerous factors, which include its cut, clarity, color, and genuineness. Whether the crystal is natural or heat treated will also affect the overall pricing and value of Citrine Gemstone. Because of their eye-catching appeal, Citrine Gemstones are … Read more

Everything About Garnet Gemstone – Birthstone

Garnet is an official January Birthstone that blesses January-born babies with abundance and prosperity. It is usually mined in a rainbow of colors, but our bold red color is the most prominent one. Wearing January Birthstone Jewelry can help its wearer bring love, luck, health, loyalty, and friendship to your life. For those born in the respective month, consider … Read more

Everything About Garnet Gemstone – Meaning

Starting off with the meaning derived from its name, “Garnet,” which comes from the Latin word “granatus.” It implies seed-like referencing to the pomegranate because of the similar appearance of the gem. Small Garnets appear like the bright red seeds found in pomegranate, which is why the name. But Garnet Meaning doesn’t just end with its name. … Read more

All You Want To Know About Cashmere

What Makes Cashmere Superior  Bespoke Cashmere has always been the focal point of the Lamilago Bespoke Tailors  collection. When the days start getting cooler, we bring the finest cashmere sweaters for our customers. Though everyone knows it as a supersoft fabric for colder months, it is never fully understood. We take this opportunity to tell you … Read more

Everything About Cubic Zirconia – Healing Properties

Cubic Zirconia Healing Properties are believed to match that of zirconium. As Zirconium oxide is the base powder to create CZ crystals, thus it affects the metaphysical impacts of the stone. For example, the stone is known to improve focus, increase clarity, and release ego. Also prized by the name “The Stone of Practicality,” some practitioners … Read more