What is IUI? When should one do it?

What is IUI? When should one do it? IUI or intrauterine insemination is a procedure of injecting virile sperms in the uterus with a thin catheter, at the time of ovulation. It includes the following steps: 1. Ultrasound Monitoring: Starting on the second or third day of the cycle, doctors perform regular ultrasound scans to … Read more

Diabetes Can Lead to Infertility!

Did you know that diabetes has an associated risk to fertility? Diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to maintain blood glucose levels within the normal range. Diabetes can affect anyone. Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise is crucial to control blood glucose levels. When diabetes isn’t controlled, it can affect a … Read more

Ivf @ HOME

DONT LET THE PANDEMIC STOP YOU From Starting IUI and IVF treatment ivf@home – Injection, pharmacy and lab at your door step for your convenience. Schedule a phone or video appointment now -Start your fertilty treatment at home – Minimize your hospital visits with ivf@ home We collect blood samples, deliver medicines and give injections … Read more

Beware ! Your biological clock is ticking. Freeze your eggs NOW !

Infertility is heartbreaking for couples who wish to have children. Some may have a successful first pregnancy but may not be able to conceive the second time. The hardships, emotional, mental and physical trauma one goes through in both the situations is immeasurable. One of the causes of infertility could be Early Ovarian Ageing (EOA). … Read more

How should one prepare for an IVF?

  The journey to parenthood is not the same in all couples. Sometimes to attain parenthood, a couple, might have to undergo a series of treatments. One such treatment could be IVF, depending on the specialist’s recommendation. There are specific guidelines to be followed for the successful outcome of IVF treatment. Learning about the IVF … Read more

ICSI treatment – When is it needed?

ICSI treatment – When is it needed? In some couples, the sperm cannot travel through the fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg – reason can be due to blocks in the fallopian tube or because of weak semen parameters. In some other couples, the sperm may travel through the fallopian but may fail to penetrate … Read more