Flutter vs React Native: Which One to Choose For App Development?

Flutter or React Native? which one to choose for cross-platform app development?? Most app developers and business owners concern with this simple question yet lots of solutions has been proposed. Both are frameworks and highly utilized for mobile app development for both Android and iOS. Both have some similarities and dissimilarities. It’s quite difficult to … Read more

What’s New in Flutter 2.0?

Finally, 2021 has given a reason to get excited about, isn’t it! With the release of Flutter 2. Let’s dive into the new updates of flutter 2 and Dart 2.12. Web We all have experienced how amazingly, Flutter’s web support has transitioned from beta to the stable channel. Through new updates, flutter will take the code … Read more

Reasons Why Flutter App Development is Trending in 2021

Google introduced the flutter framework, especially for mobile application SDK. Flutter application helps you to create visually attractive cross-platform apps for Android and iOS. One of the major benefits is Flutter provides you one code base for both iOS and Android platforms. They base it on the OOPs concept that helps in an easy compilation … Read more