Diabetes and infertility

Excess sugar isn’t always sweet. The sweetness of parenthood remains a dream for many couples who are unable to conceive. Diabetes could be one of the reasons depriving couples the joy of parenthood. Many couples are unaware of the fact that diabetes can adversely affect reproductive health. It’s an established fact that diabetes had affected … Read more

Did you know, GarbhaGudi IVF has its new branch in Marathahalli?

Did you know, GarbhaGudi IVF has its new branch in Marathahalli?   Over the previous couple of years, infertility among couples has risen at an alarming rate. In the meantime, there are many IVF centres that are coming up too. But the quality of fertility clinics and the respective treatments being offered is a matter … Read more


CAN DILATION AND CURETTAGE CAUSE INFERTILITY?   Motherhood is magical, it gifts amazing instincts, it fuels in ways that cannot be explained, to keep going no matter how exhausted. While every woman is keen on carrying a life within, it is not easy for some women who face difficulties due to infertility. There are a … Read more

Azoospermia- An infertility condition with no sperm count!

If a couple are unable to conceive after a year of trying, with unprotected sex, couples are considered infertile. The time duration allowed reduces to 6 months if the age of the lady is more than 35. The infertility world can be overwhelming and intimidating, but remember, one is not alone. Some 13 to 17 … Read more

Hurry up! Avail Valentine Month offer of 1st fertility consultation Free at any of our branches!

Good News! GarbhaGudi’s extraordinary offer for this Valentine month! GarbhaGudi is offering a free consultation to couples visiting any of its branches for the first time. Couples who were unable to have a baby but did not know whom to approach can benefit from this. Hurry up; don’t miss this golden opportunity to know all … Read more

Where do you get the best infertility treatment in Bangalore?

Where is the best infertility treatment in Bangalore available? GarbhaGudi IVF center provides one of the best infertility treatment in Bangalore. Founded in 2011, it has played a significant role in bringing more than 6000 healthy babies into the world so far. It was founded by the visionary Dr. Asha S. Vijay, a leading infertility … Read more

Dr Asha S Vijay Profile

Dr. Asha S. Vijay Dr. Asha S Vijay – A doyen in the field of infertility treatment, a proficient academician, an accomplished entrepreneur and a social visionary !!! Dr. Asha has over well over two decades of experience in field of obstetrics, gynecology and infertility. She is a well-known name in infertility – both in … Read more

Regular exercise, regular yoga and eating a healthy diet increase one’s fertility!

Did you know that being physically active, mentally happy and eating a healthy diet increases your fertility levels?   A newly born infant is like the beginning of the best of things in one’s life. Its birth is a wonder, filled with hope and a dream of possibilities! To get this ray of hope and … Read more