Four Content Marketing Examples

What is a content marketer? An interesting question indeed, but it’s not as easy to define as you might think. Broadly speaking, a content is an internet marketing individual who creates unique, informative content for their website, often marketer in collaboration with other members or experts at the site. They often work as freelance writers, … Read more

Different Modes of Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaign is an overall game strategy and a long term, realistic approach to any company or any industry with the basic purpose of reaching a sustainable competitive edge by knowing the desires and needs of consumers. A marketing campaign encompasses a variety of activities that are undertaken for the promotion of products and services. … Read more

Use of Content Marketing Automation Platforms in the Lead Generation Process

Marketing platforms refers to software that enables marketers to manage their businesses, contacts and leads from a central location. This system is usually web based and can integrate with email marketing platforms such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! and MSN. For the small business owner or professional marketer who has many leads and opportunities to explore, … Read more

How Do Advertising Companies Remain Competitive?

An advertising company, also known as an advertising agency or a creative agency, is a company dedicated solely to developing, planning, and executing advertising and at times other types of advertising for the clients of a larger company. Most of these agencies will focus on either the area of advertising in general, or specific industries … Read more