Enlarged Breast in Men – Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia currently affects between 40-60% of men, causing an obvious aesthetic alteration and important social repercussions, which affects their safety. This condition can occur due to genetic factors, hormonal causes, age, pharmacological or obesity. It occurs in well-defined growth stages: neonatal, juvenile and adult, which respond to different etiological factors. Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi is designed … Read more

Gynecomastia: What You Need to Know

Gynecomastia is the condition of overgrowth of the male mammary gland, which leads to a deposit of fat under the nipple. Data from the WHO (World Health Organization) indicate that it affects up to 40% of men. This condition can be a consequence of the enlargement of the glands, the concentration of fat or both. Gynecomastia is … Read more

What happens after an intervention to reduce the male breast?

The gynecomastia is a problem plaguing between 40% and 60% of men in our country. Fortunately, it has a fairly simple solution as we have already told you in this post. Anyway, plastic surgeon in Delhi want to delve a little more into this intervention and explain to you what are the steps to follow after reducing … Read more