How To Make Your Sponsored Post Work For Your Business On Facebook

A sponsored post is also called a sponsored reply, a sponsored discussion or a sponsored post and has become one of the most popular features on large internet message boards. It is a type of blog where businesses can pay to have their advertisements placed on a user’s wall. The business pays for the right … Read more

Maximize On The Potentials Of Banner Advertising

Advertising banners promote the sale of certain goods. Banners placed prominently on a chosen niche site usually proclaim the solution to a particular problem that the site’s visitors might have. For instance, a site on pets is apt to display a banner advertising for a training collar that prevents excessive barking. The presence of such … Read more

The Benefits of Media Coverage for Branding Your Business

Media coverage is the reporting of an event, product, person, or organization by major media, usually in the form of print, television, radio, blogs, or news websites. Media coverage is different from the news, which is a more general and comprehensive form of reporting on events. It also includes feature stories, which are all-important in … Read more

Award Categories For Managers in Investment Management

Investment Management Awards (IMA), is an acknowledgment given to an individual or group for outstanding performance in the investment management profession. An individual may be honored for: The role they play in the development of an institution or organization. They may also be honored for the contribution they have made to a field of study. … Read more

The Best Ways to Get Media Coverage for Your Brand

The term media coverage is generally used to describe all web content, blog posts, news stories or other kinds of online content (produced outside your business) where your business, brand or service is mentioned or shown. For example, a story on your business or brand could be described by the media coverage. Online media coverage … Read more

Investment Management Awards – How to Choose the Best Person for the Job

Investment Management Awards is an excellent way for financial managers to recognize the key players in today’s investment fund management market. It’s a recognition of their continuing work to deliver long term value to clients, and an acknowledgment of the hard work put in by a manager. These Awards are one of several Global Banking … Read more

Three Types of an Advertiser’s Advertorial

An advertorial is simply an advertorial article in the shape of editorialized content. The word “advertisorial” is a combination of the words “advertising” and “web.” From this simple combination comes an entire world of possibilities for creative online content. Using an advertorial can take your business to many different levels. It can build your brand … Read more

Photography and Graphic Design

Have you ever considered doing a career in photography or graphic design? These interesting fields combine art and science and allow for creativity and innovation. Photography is one of the most basic forms of graphic design; however it encompasses much more than taking pictures. From choosing the right lens to lighting an image, a photographer’s … Read more