Graphic Art and Your Career

A discipline of fine art, graphic art encompasses a wide range of visible visual artistic expression, usually two-dimensional, typically on a flat surface, which has no consideration to the surroundings or intended audience. The term “graphic” is used to designate an art form that employs many different types of visual art media and employs inventive … Read more

Guest Blogging Tips – 5 Tips For Effective Guest Blog Posting

When guest blogging is done properly, it’s a very powerful white hat SEO tactic which will help to build a huge online audience who will eagerly share and follow the content that your blog creates. Unfortunately, the tactic was often abused by those who simply wanted to post content in an effort to gain backlinks … Read more

A Social Media Marketing Primer – Creating Content For Your Business Or Marketing Campaign

Creating content is not an easy thing at all. First of all, you have to select the right kind of topic niche you are going to write about. You should choose a topic based on what your business is, or what your products or services are. Second, you should choose the right words to write … Read more

How to Start a Freelance Digital Marketing Business

With freelance digital marketing, you essentially are helping businesses promote their services and products online for a fee. Your job is to get in touch with your customer base, drive them to a site that will benefit your clients, and convert them into paying clients. While this method of marketing is not widely utilized, it … Read more