4 Planning Tips for Hybrid Events in 2021

Hybrid events may be difficult for event planners to plan, but they are an excellent opportunity to engage with audiences across many media. And, with the proliferation of event technology that includes complex capabilities, more event professionals can provide hybrid events to their clients. Although hybrid events are not new, more event managers should anticipate … Read more

Is it time to forget Physical Events completely in 2021?

Is it time to forget Physical Events completely in 2021?

There is no denying the fact that we all enjoyed being a part of the physical events that engaged all our senses commendably. If humankind has known any interaction, undoubtedly, it is physical communication. Coming face to face with one another and comprehending each other’s ideologies is something that has been a part of society … Read more

COVID-19 Outbreak and Support of Photo Booth for the Professional Industry

The professional industry is surviving around the world just because of COVID-19 which has completely disturbed everything. No doubt, due to a pandemic situation the economy graph of the whole world has fallen badly. Many countries have lost their image in the market because they have the only solution left for improving their economical graph. … Read more