Portuguese arrival in India

The geographical discoveries of the final decade of the 15th century had very crucial outcomes. Columbus observed a new global; Bartolomeo Diaz crossed the Cape of Good Hope, which he called Stormy Cape, in 1488 AD; Vasco-da-Gama observed a new way to reach the Old World and on May 17, 1498, he reached the well-known … Read more

The History of Harappa Sabhyata

The history of India begins with the Harappa Sabhyata, which we also realize because the Harappan Civilization. This civilization changed into spread around 2500 AD in the western a part of South Asia, which is presently known as Pakistan and Western India. The Indus Valley Civilization was extra advanced than the 4 biggest historical city … Read more

Do you realize why Muhammad Bin Tughlaq is referred to as clever fool?

Mohammad Bin Tughlaq is one of the maximum interesting sultans of the Delhi sultanate for the duration of Medieval India who dominated over the northern elements of the Indian subcontinent and the Deccan from 1324 to 1351 AD. In this newsletter, we’ve discussed approximately the policy and reforms of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq that made him … Read more