Hyperprolactinemia Becoming parents is one of the happiest moments for a couple. The journey to parenthood isn’t similar in all couples. Sometimes, to achieve parenthood, a couple, may need to undergo a series of treatments. Hormone imbalances are one of the leading causes of infertility. Ovulation may be disrupted, depending on the hormonal imbalances, which … Read more

Obesity and Infertility

Obesity and Infertility Obesity or overweight is the body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above. It is a condition where excess fat accumulates to such an extent that affects the health of an individual. The link between obesity and infertility is more significant when excess fats get accumulated in the abdominal region. Obesity causes changes in the secretion of … Read more

Get certificate on “Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine”

Infertility has become a common health issue due to the stressful lifestyle and various other factors. There is a severe dearth of trained clinicians and embryologists for addressing this serious concern. GarbhaGudi IVF, a fertility chain in Bangalore, provides clinical and embryology training through its sister organization – GGIRHR. GGIRHR, in association with IMA-AMS, is starting its 3rd batch of … Read more

Which is the best hospital to do a Certified Fellowship course in infertility in India?

Which is the best hospital to do a Certified Fellowship course in infertility in India? If you are a gynecologist who wants to specialize in infertility, GGIRHR is the best hospital to do certified fellowship courses in infertility. It offers a IMA/AMS-certified 12-months course which is a combination of online and offline classes, mixed with practicals, observation classes, journal clubs, … Read more

Amplify your medical skills with the Fellowship in infertility course, accredited by IMA-AMS. Give your career a tremendous boost!

Amplify your medical skills with the Fellowship in infertility course, accredited by IMA-AMS. Give your career a tremendous boost! Admissions Closing Soon! Apply Now! Already a successful gynaecologist? Congratulations. Do you aspire to have a certificate in infertility from a reputed organization?  Do you wish to work as an Infertility Consultant in any of the prime hospitals or … Read more

Get certified in 2D TVS Scanning from GGIRHR! Apply Now! Limited Seats Available!

Trans Vaginal Ultrasound skills have become a basic necessity for any gynecologist today. Most practicing gynecologists today prefer to their own scans since the perspective with which they look at the findings is sometimes rather different from the findings reported by a sonologist. Having strong and deep knowledge of ultrasonography will help the gynecologist take certain crucial … Read more

IMA-AMS Fellowship in Infertility

Fellowship affiliated to Academy of Medical Specialities under Indian Medical Association. • Experienced and senior faculty with practical knowledge from GGIRHR and best in Industry. • Students can attend Online/Offline Classes  held once a week for 4 hours (Thursday’s  10 AM – 2 PM) • Duration of course – 1 year • It will incorporate … Read more

Get IMA certification on IUI Regular or IUI Online workshop from GGIRHR

Get IMA certification on IUI Regular or IUI Online workshop from GGIRHR! Hurry up, Limited Seats Available! With the passing of time and lifestyle issues, infertility has become a sensitive matter. Infertility may be a serious health issue worldwide, affecting approximately 8%–10% of couples worldwide. Of 60–80 million couples suffering from infertility every year worldwide, probably between 15 and … Read more