Best Fertility Hospital in Bangalore

The challenges of infertility have emotionally, physically, financially & mentally hit several couples globally. It is often stigmatized & nobody is talking about it. This stigma also harms the sex lives of those facing it. GarbhaGudi IVF, the best fertility treatment hospital in Bangalore, focuses on this psychological issue faced by several couples. When couples … Read more

Diabetes and infertility

Excess sugar isn’t always sweet. The sweetness of parenthood remains a dream for many couples who are unable to conceive. Diabetes could be one of the reasons depriving couples the joy of parenthood. Many couples are unaware of the fact that diabetes can adversely affect reproductive health. It’s an established fact that diabetes had affected … Read more


CAN DILATION AND CURETTAGE CAUSE INFERTILITY?   Motherhood is magical, it gifts amazing instincts, it fuels in ways that cannot be explained, to keep going no matter how exhausted. While every woman is keen on carrying a life within, it is not easy for some women who face difficulties due to infertility. There are a … Read more

Azoospermia- An infertility condition with no sperm count!

If a couple are unable to conceive after a year of trying, with unprotected sex, couples are considered infertile. The time duration allowed reduces to 6 months if the age of the lady is more than 35. The infertility world can be overwhelming and intimidating, but remember, one is not alone. Some 13 to 17 … Read more

Any cause of Azoospermia cannot hold you back from achieving Fatherhood!

What are the different types of Azoospermia and their causes?   Being diagnosed with Azoospermia or hearing the words “no sperms” is often scary. But nothing to worry. Take a deep breath. Having this kind of infertility doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have biological children. The causes of Azoospermia are: Pre-testicular Azoospermia: This is of … Read more

A stress-free mind can help with IVF success.

Do you know that stress could affect the chances of IVF success? Are you undergoing an IVF procedure? Then you need to know that stress is one of the factors that could determine chances of success in your IVF procedure. People are used to living conditions with hectic schedules and career challenges, always running towards … Read more

What is ERA testing?

Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (in short – ERA) is a genetic test done on a very small specimen of a women’s endometrial lining to determine which day would be the ideal day to transfer the embryo during an IVF circle. If you are planning an IVF treatment i.e. in-vitro fertilization process, to complete your family, you want to … Read more

GarbhaGudi IVF at assistance to treat infertility with hypothyroid disorder!

Did you know that not only hyperactivity of Thyroid glands, but also underactive thyroid gland ( hypothyroid) can lead to infertility in women? Parenthood is a feeling of joy which most people would like to experience in life. On the contrary, infertility negatively affects a person – psychologically and emotionally. Infertility lead to emotional turmoil, … Read more

Beware of your ticking biological clock. It is better sooner than never!

Is Fertility Screening important? Parenting a child is the most divine and happy experience for a man and a woman. But for some, this may not be very easy due to infertility in either of them or both. Infertility has become a serious issue today due to lifestyle changes, genetic reasons or unexplained medical conditions. … Read more