“Empowering Fertility: Exploring ICSI Success Stories with the Aid of Google’s Natural Language Processing System”

Australian Concept Group (ACG) is a group of companies operating since early 1998 with a primary focus on improving the lives of human beings. Infertility Clinic is one of ACG’s main businesses and since its inception ACG is proud to be the pioneers in offering world class Infertility Treatment options across Pakistan.

A stress-free mind can help with IVF success.

Do you know that stress could affect the chances of IVF success? Are you undergoing an IVF procedure? Then you need to know that stress is one of the factors that could determine chances of success in your IVF procedure. People are used to living conditions with hectic schedules and career challenges, always running towards … Read more

Eat healthily, stay relaxed and be kind to yourself after implantation!

How can I increase my chances of IVF success after my embryo transfer? Miracles take a little time to happen. Fertility might have challenged you, but staying happy and positive throughout your fertility journey is the need of the hour. Believe that it will work, and it will work. And when the time comes to … Read more

How should one prepare for an IVF?

The journey to parenthood is not the same in all couples. Sometimes to attain parenthood, a couple, might have to undergo a series of treatments. One such treatment could be IVF, depending on the specialist’s recommendation. There are specific guidelines to be followed for the successful outcome of IVF treatment.     Learning about the IVF process … Read more

How can you optimize your chances of IVF success?

How can you optimize your chances of IVF success?The success rate of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in India varies within the range of 30% and 70% after every embryo transfer. That implies that several couples may not succeed in their first IVF cycle and may need to opt for the second cycle of IVF soon after. … Read more