Colorless Diamonds

Buy colorless diamonds at ShivShambu. Buy diamonds in various carat sizes by color grade. Colorless diamond comes in D, E, and F grades. The colorless diamond is a rare diamond and this diamond is also called the most expensive diamond. ShivShambu brings to you GIA-certified colorless diamonds at reasonable prices. Visit our online store to … Read more

Diamonds $5000

You can select from the greatest diamonds for any budget for less than $5,000. Look for fancy-cut diamonds with a flawless cut when you want to tailor your spending without compromising style. All shapes of diamonds are represented in this collection: In this price range, you can easily discover diamonds that sparkle in the Round … Read more

Diamonds $ 1000

You choose from best diamonds on any budget with affordable price under $1000. When you’re trying to customize your budget without sacrificing style, go shopping for fancy-cut diamonds with a perfect cut. This selection of diamonds includes all shape diamonds : Round cut, Heart cut, Oval cut, Pear cut, diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond engagement … Read more

Cushion Shape Diamonds

Buy online Cushion Cut Diamond at shiv shambu. Search our index of thousands of Cushion Diamonds all with HD Images and Videos. The quality and price of a Cushion diamond is determined by the four C’s. For more information about Diamonds, Diamonds price, Diamond ring and Diamond Engagement Rings, Visit our online Store.

Type 2A

Type 2A is another brand that we are offerings to our Retail Customers. These brands usually contain the ancient diamonds that we used to find in the times of King and Queens. And due to the old and ancient Diamonds and Stones, it has a very limited supply in the Diamond Industry. These stones and … Read more

Shiv Shambu

Shiv Shambu located in the heart of the luxury diamond district in New York City .We have a large collection of diamonds including custom engagement rings, men’s rings, wedding rings, promise rings, wedding bands, eternity diamond bands, studs, earrings. Our goal is to create the most beautiful one-of-a-kind engagement ring and jewelry pieces (halo pave) … Read more

Salt Pepper Diamond

We at Shiv Shambu always try to deliver the best to the customer in the industry so that customers can get the maximum of their value. Salt and Pepper is a new collection of Shiv Shambu which carries Black and white spots in the diamonds and customers can buy these stones as per their expectations … Read more

Radiant Cut Diamond Price

Radiant cut diamond have a silhouette shape similar to the shape of an emerald, but its facets are cut in the same way as round diamonds. This means that the appearance of the diamond has a dazzling brilliance, which hypnotizes those who look at it. All diamond shapes, round brilliant provide the lightest return and … Read more

Princess Diamonds Price

Princess Diamond is a good choice for their flexibility in setting in any style of Diamond ring. The Princess Diamond is known by its geometric, sharp square shape. It features contemporary cut, with angular, strong lines, it has a pyramidal shape, with four beveled sides. The princess cut technical name “square modified brilliant” is a … Read more

Pear Cut Diamond

Pear cut is also known as teardrop or pear cut diamond. This is called a modified luxurious cut diamond, which mixes marquis and oval cuts with a rounded end and a point on the other. Its signature silhouette is instantly recognizable. Pear cut diamond color grades range from G-H to icy cool tones of color … Read more