Khichdi – The ideal superfood for your soul!

Warm khichdi, cooked from rice and lentils, is something we remember fondly from our childhood days. Khichdi is a healthful and soothing meal that has a consistent supply of carbs, vitamins, and a few other antioxidants. Khichdi mix can be a delicious dinner when cooked until mushy, seasoned with a pinch of turmeric and salt, … Read more

Organic Food Products & Groceries Online in Hyderabad

ADISA Farms is the result of long research-based learning of nature’s balanced ecosystem, and a determined self-conscious initiative to imbibe these traits in our farming and cultivation methodologies. We aim to serve the best Organic Food Products & Groceries Online in Hyderabad. Adisa lives and swears by the concepts of being pure, natural, chemical-free, and sustainable. This is the way of life for us and it’s reflected not only in the products but also in the way we package them. Adisa follows a strict no-plastic rule and uses only environmentally friendly packaging material.
We are farmers enlightened by ancient wisdom. Everything that we grow is guided by the principles of natural farming. The company prides itself on its sustainable food practices, right from farming techniques to its no-plastic packaging. The farm offers organic A2 cow and buffalo milk which is unprocessed and unadulterated. Order here or WhatsApp 8897874242. Deliveries across Hyderabad.

• Organic
• 100% Natural
• High protein food
• Chemical-free

Our Organic Products:

1. Dairy
2. Oil
3. Gourmet
4. Meat
5. Grocery
6. Eggs
7. Vegetables

Our Address:
Adisa Farms: Sri Krishna Sadan
M.C.H. No. 9-2-674/2/B/8
H.No. 45 Sai Nagar Colony,
AP State Ministers Residential Colony,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

Contact no: +91 8897874242
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