In a unicompartmental knee replacement (also called a “partial” knee replacement), only part of the knee is covered. This procedure is an alternative to total knee replacement for patients whose disease is limited to just one area of ​​the knee.

Patellar Instability or Patellar Dislocation

The patella, formerly known as the kneecap, is the front bone of the knee, responsible for transmitting the strength of the thigh muscles. In some situations, this bone can move out of its normal location, called patellar instability or patellar dislocation

Patellar Tendinitis

What is patellar tendinitis? One of the most common knee tendinitis or knee tendinopathies are those that result from inflammation of the patellar tendon. The patellar tendon attaches proximally to the lower pole of the kneecap (or patella). This sesamoid bone transmits the pulling force of the quadriceps muscle, allowing mobilization of the knee joint. … Read more

Orthopedics: know all about

Orthopedics is one of several possible specialties within medicine. The orthopaedic in Delhi is responsible for taking care of deformities of bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, elements related to the locomotor system as well as diseases. What does the orthopedic do? The orthopedic can work in surgeries, studies, treatment of problems related to human locomotion, prevention, … Read more