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Trans Vaginal Ultrasound skills have become a basic necessity for any gynecologist today. Most practicing gynecologists today prefer to their own scans since the perspective with which they look at the findings is sometimes rather different from the findings reported by a sonologist. Having strong and deep knowledge of ultrasonography will help the gynecologist take certain crucial … Read more

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Get IMA certification on IUI Regular or IUI Online workshop from GGIRHR! Hurry up, Limited Seats Available! With the passing of time and lifestyle issues, infertility has become a sensitive matter. Infertility may be a serious health issue worldwide, affecting approximately 8%–10% of couples worldwide. Of 60–80 million couples suffering from infertility every year worldwide, probably between 15 and … Read more


INTRODUCTION Ovarian cancer screening isn’t as simple as getting an ultrasound. The characterization of ovarian masses and distinguishing between benign and malignant pathology is important both to decrease unnecessary anxiety and enable decisions regarding optimal treatment. Benign pathology may be best treated conservatively or in a general gynaecology unit using a minimal access approach. Conversely, suspected … Read more

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy: A transvaginal ultrasound is the most important diagnostic tool for an ectopic pregnancy. Adnexal complex or simple cyst with ring of fire appearance with colour doppler is the most specific feature. Presence of free fluid in pouch of douglas indicates rupture of ectopic pregnancy. Live extra uterine pregnancy with demonstrable cardiac activity is 100% specific … Read more