How to care for and clean wooden furniture

Wood plays a big role in our homes. It is one of the most popular materials in furniture manufacturing and one of the most sought after thanks to its resistance and durability. However, these characteristics do not exempt us from protecting, caring for, and cleaning wood furniture if we want it to maintain its good … Read more

How to Clean Wooden Almirah Sofa

Whether it is a wooden wall, an almirah, or a sofa made of wood, gradually they become dirty, their luster starts to end. Here I am sharing some tips to take care of your wooden furniture, try it, and see how your furniture becomes shining like new again. 1- By applying Buden Wax, wooden furniture-Rattan … Read more

How To Clean Wood Furniture At Home – Cleaning Secrets You’ll Love!

Wood imparts warmth and classy touch to your home decor. Most people choose wood furniture for its versatility, durability, and classic appeal. but wood ferns Wood imparts warmth and classy touch to your home decor. Most people choose wood furniture for its versatility, durability, and classic appeal. But the preservation and longevity of wood furniture … Read more

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

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How to Maintain Furniture and Cleaning Tips

Today, where the color of fashion is visible everywhere in human life, furniture is also no less in this matter.  But if the furniture of your house is very good but you do not take proper care of it, then after some time your furniture starts looking old and dirty.  * If you have bought … Read more

These tips will help you a lot to take care of expensive wooden furniture

If you do not want the expensive wooden furniture to deteriorate soon, then you can take the help of these tips. As beautiful and smart as wooden furniture looks, its maintenance also requires equal attention. If the cleaning of wooden furniture is not taken care of from time to time, then due to termites, sometimes … Read more

Types of wood used for making furniture in India

While interior design trends are constantly changing, wooden furniture remains evergreen. Furniture made from wood is strong, long-lasting, and requires minimal maintenance compared to other materials. However, different types of wood are used to make furniture for Indian homes. As a result, when buying furniture, the pros and cons of different types of wood and … Read more

How to Choose Rattan Corner Sofa Sets and Rattan Garden Furniture Sets?

During the summer, most households love to spend their time outdoors. Therefore the garden and backyard area becomes an extra room for them. And to make the seating and outdoor living comfortable, you need to add some extra accessories with furniture. When it comes to choosing rattan furniture, it becomes essential to look at some crucial points. As rattan is the most sellable and best outdoor furniture set these days therefore in this blog, we will explain to you how you can choose the best material for you.

How To Care For Outdoor Rattan Furniture? Know All The Tips And Tricks To Follow

How to care for rattan furniture to increase its lifespan? Rattan is a perfect combination of beauty and sturdiness, and most rattan furniture needs basic cleaning and care to maintain the natural color and strength. So, read the below mentioned top tips to care for the rattan furniture.

Top 5 Benefits Of Rattan Corner Sofa With Rising Table

Rattan corner sofa sets are the topmost priority and hot topics for the discussion when a person thinks to buy rattan furniture for the garden. However, there is much other rattan furniture well that attracts the eye of the buyer.