After Biometric How Long To Get Canada Study Visa?

Embarking on a journey to study in Canada is an exciting prospect, filled with dreams of academic pursuits and cultural experiences. However, the road to obtaining a Canadian study visa involves several steps, including the crucial biometric process. Many prospective students wonder about the duration between completing their biometrics and receiving the coveted study visa.¬†After … Read more

What is CRS score?

Canada is one of the most popular countries for immigrants across the world. The wide range of job opportunities, multicultural environment, high-quality education system, good standard of living, and superior healthcare facilities make it one of the favorable destinations for individuals who want to migrate. Hence, many skilled professionals plan to move to Canada in search of job opportunities. Eventually, wish to get PR status in the country.

How to get student visa for Australia in 2022?

Australia is one of the most famous destinations for international students across the world. Universities, courses, and all the educational facilities in Australia are among the best. Hence, many students prefer to migrate to the country to build their careers. Along with the world-class education, Australia also offers a high standard of living, a scenic … Read more