Remote Collaboration Practices Followed by UI UX Design Agency

After the pandemic, every company has adopted remote work. But for a creative UI UX design agency, it is a huge challenge. This is because, when all designers are in one place, it is easy to have discussions and get things moving.  But when they work remotely, it creates a barrier and builds up frustration … Read more

Best Practices Followed by Product Design Company in Mumbai for SaaS App Design

SaaS app design follows the same UI UX design principles as other software and its popularity has soared in recent times. Even giants like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Apple have switched to SaaS model for better economics. User experience is the key differentiator when it comes to SaaS platforms. You would choose a product that is … Read more

Design Approach of Product Design Company in Mumbai

User Experience demands both creative and strategic thinking. The UX design process is the bedrock of a delightful user experience. Modern products constantly evolve, thereby adding more complexity. Not only that, but user expectations also keep changing. Here, as UX designers, the challenge lies to solve these problems and make the product easier for the … Read more

Working With a Game-Changing UI UX Design Company in Mumbai

The UI and UX space has grown so much in the past few years. From websites to applications, the design and usability of these new technologies have been one of the huge proponents of their success. Thankfully, there are UI UX design companies in Mumbai like Octet Design Studio to help you with your project.  … Read more

What are the Cool Mantras of Startup Lifecycle that Guarantee Success?

A startup is always a dream of one or the other, and most owners aspire to be the next Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. It may be hard for a novice to achieve that level. An experienced mentor or an owner could guide you through the different stages of startup’s Lifecycle with ease. The seasoned … Read more