Rami Bitar: A Visionary Entrepreneur Revolutionizing the Supermarket Industry in Lebanon

Rami Bitar’s commitment to innovation has been a game-changer, from introducing cutting-edge technologies to implementing sustainable practices. With a strong vision and tireless dedication, he is elevating the standards of the supermarket industry in Lebanon. This blog provides an in-depth look at Rami Bitar‘s inspiring story, the challenges he has overcome, and the positive impact … Read more

Rami Bitar: A Champion of Youth Empowerment and Sports Development in Lebanon

Sagesse Sporting Club in Beirut has partnered with Tawfeer Discount Stores for the 2023-2024 season, led by Chairman Rami Bitar. This collaboration signifies a commitment to youth empowerment and sports development. The Tawfeer logo will feature on the club’s jerseys, highlighting their shared dedication to nurturing talent and community engagement. Rami Bitar’s passion for sports … Read more