Data Science Use Cases For SaaS Companies

All firms, regardless of industry, rely heavily on data science plans. Daily, a vast amount of data is produced. Companies can gain valuable insights from data collection and analysis that help them improve business decisions and boost ROIs.   But only a small subset of the industry’s players who had access to this technology was … Read more

B2B SaaS Billing operations – The Key to Increasing Efficiency for Any Business

When companies first started out, they sold services using a one-time purchase approach. Today, the SaaS billing model has fundamentally altered how B2B services are provided and used. The SaaS model enables companies to sell licenses and subscriptions on an ongoing basis, which is undoubtedly great for the bottom line (and for customer satisfaction and … Read more

Grow Your Business by Growing Customer Numbers

Business innovation is no longer contained to trade practices. It has also become a necessary aspect of customer success and customer retention. For a long while now, businesses have marked their success by various metrics, out of which their customer acquisition and retention parameters hold significant value. A business with a healthy customer base is … Read more