Do shredded memory foam pillow go flat?

Memory foam is a popular mattress topper material, used by people looking for the best combination of comfort and support for their back. However, memory foam can become flat or lose its shape when exposed to too much heat or weight; in these cases, shredded memory foam pillow help retain their shape better. Memory foam pillows are … Read more

Can memory foam cause health problems?

Have you ever seen a huge bed of foam rubber on the market that is filled with air? Memory foam is just regular plastic foam, but it is infused with memory. Memory foam mattresses are increasingly popular because they are soft to the touch but offer good support. They can be found at most furniture retailers and online manufacturers.

Best Cooling Gel Pillows for people that Run Hot

Regardless of the temperature inside the bedroom, some people are just warm sleepers. Their blood heat can get up to some extent where they awaken thanks to thermal discomfort, which interrupts the sleeping pattern and may even cause sleep deprivation. Thankfully, there are many products designed to assist people that struggle with sleeping temperatures, and … Read more

What is a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

There are more bedding products on the market today than every before. With numerous choices, it are often difficult to know the differences between products’ composition and potential benefit to the sleeper. There was a time where a pillow was just a pillow then came the time where you only had to make a decision … Read more